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Fox Sports’ Virtual Reality Will Allow Viewers to Experience Premier Boxing Champions in a Unique Way

Live sports production has achieved a milestone in 2020 due to a nationwide shutdown, and Fox Sports has tried to take it to a whole new level with their linear broadcast along with second-screen applications.

In case viewers are upset about the present sports scenario, they can experience bouts in virtual reality with the support of Venues initiative and Oculus’s exclusive Quest 2 headset. Naturally, fans have become excited, and the news has created a buzz in the community.

Facebook Partnership

The technology for virtual reality has gone through a vast transformation over the years, and it was 2010 when companies started offering virtual reality services to the people.

Although few people wanted to experience unobstructed VR experience, there was a lack of physical hardware. In 2017, Fox Sports had ventured into the service, and they offered Super Bowl LI.

The service has become more popular in 2020 when people are not being allowed inside the arenas. During this time, Facebook has entered into the scene with live sports production and heightened technology, and this was an ideal chance for Fox Sports to jump into VR.

Unique Experience

VR experience is truly unique, and it takes the viewers to a different dimension. The whole process requires minimum expertise and equipment, and four cameras need to be installed around the venue.

The camera offers unobstructed views from various angles, and it offers a sense of immersion within a small setting. A lot of people love watching replays, and the VR experience will offer uninterrupted viewing with all the necessary features including replay. This feature can be found in virtual reality view boards, and this is amazing.

Fox Sports’ Virtual Reality Will Allow Viewers to Experience Premier Boxing Champions in a Unique Way

Experience In-Arena Sound

In terms of sound aspects, virtual reality will give you a similar audio experience as well. To enjoy the ambient sound, users must use their headphones, and it will take them to the arena.

Just like the television, one can hear commentary, and this is interesting. There are announcers, who will talk to the Oculus audience between the rounds, and it will provide an exceptional experience for sure. 

Mike Davies, technical and field operations, SVP, Fox Sports said that they are likely to add a feature to switch the commentary off, and it will help those, who don’t want to listen to the same.

Onsite Team for Optimum VR Experience

Fox Sports works with onsite crew members for the production, and the entire VR operation is controlled by six experts. Due to some schedule conflict, the channel had to shift the entire setup from Microsoft Theatre to Staples Center across the street.

Despite the problem, the crew tried their level best in replicating the look, and it delivers an exceptional VR experience.

Acquiring New-Gen Audience

Over the years, the younger generation is getting more addicted to digital devices instead of television, and the initiative has helped Fox Sports to introduce boxing to the new-gen kids.

Fox Sports is aiming to introduce an exclusive avenue of consumption, and people who loved watching boxing at the venue will have an alternative that they used to experience in the pre-COVID era.

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