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FM360 Duo from FXG Is Likely To Bring Revolution in VR Cameras

FM360 Duo from FXG Is Likely To Bring Revolution in VR Cameras
Following the one-month home quarantine session as an outcome of the global pandemic, Nikk Mitchell, the FXG CEO, along with his community were allowed to get out of their residents. The CEO wanted to record the surroundings, and he used a 360-degree camera to document the deserted streets of Hangzhou, China, and he wished to use VR to show the footage to the world.

With this in his mind, Nikk used ‘Seize’, a highly efficient 16k 360-degree camera from FXG that has 16 individual lenses. Soon after this incident Mi7 and FXG collaborated to work on a 3D VR camera that is likely to be more powerful, and it is likely to bring a huge change. According to the source, the new camera is named FM360 Duo, and it has already created a buzz in the photographers’ community.


Manufacturers have used two 3D lenses to create natural-looking human-eye like IPD so that it looks more realistic. Users can capture 30fps at 12K or even 60fps at 8K resolution, which is amazing.

The camera features a resolution of 6000×6000 that allows FM360 Duo to capture high-quality VR videos with its 2x full-frame CMOS sensors. The camera is capable of shooting videos with 10bit 400mbps video coding, RTMP streaming, and embedded stitching as well.



Sturdy Construction 

To offer impeccable performance, manufacturers have focused on the construction, and they have used aviation-grade aluminum alloy. If camera enthusiasts are wondering about the best features of the camera, they would be glad to know that this model supports both manual and automatic shutter modes, and one can switch to the desired mode while on-the-fly.


Apart from this, the body is lightweight, which is another advantage for the users. While talking on the new camera, Max Noir and Mitchell, Head of US operations told that they think the technology will be a powerful tool for unbiased representation of reality, and it would help people to think critically like never before.


High-Resolution Video

It is clear that manufacturers are in favor of changing the literal angle of shots, and they aim to represent the full picture at a time. Although the manufacturers are emphasizing journalism, the camera can be used for any kind of video production, live streaming, or sports coverage that will surely bring a huge change.

Noir also added that the camera comes with the capability of zooming and focusing on singular details, which results in a more immersive VR video experience in real.

Apart from the launch of FM360 Duo, FXG is also planning to come up with a wide range of tools for video production, and they are about to launch FM360 App, a VR UHD content platform for the same.

If everything works accordingly, the app is likely to be launched by 2021. Nikk also added the camera would help to capture the world as it is, and it will help to travel through time for sure. The company is planning to launch FM360 Duo in early 2021, and the details will be revealed soon.

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