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First Feature-Length VR Movie 7 Miracles Released by HTC Vive Studios

Virtual reality (VR) hardware and technology have been around for many years now. Yet, the content that has existed until now has been underwhelming in many ways. A newly released feature-length VR movie from HTC Vive Studios is gearing up to make VR content more interesting. Users can now consider virtual reality as a serious medium, as opposed to just a fun party trick. 

The new feature-length virtual reality movie from HTC Vive Studios, titles ‘7 Miracles’, is an award winner at the 2018 Raindance Film Festival. It provides viewers an immersive VR encounter, exhibiting the seven miracles performed by Jesus Christ, based on the accounts mentioned in the Gospel of John. Through combining revolutionary filmmaking techniques and popularly known myths, the creators have been able to develop a never-before-seen experience of the fables. This movie can be a defining example of new age feature films.

Official movie poster for ‘7 Miracles’, a feature-length VR experience from HTC Vive Studios. source: HTC Vive Studios

Filming for ‘7 Miracles’ was done in locations like Matera and Rome, iconic destinations where era-defining feature films like The Passion of the Christ and Ben Hur were shot. Enzo Sisti, the producer for this virtual reality film, has been associated with prominent blockbusters including Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Passion of the Christ and Avengers: Age of Ultron. The other producer of the project was Joel Breton from Vive Studios, who also has an impressive portfolio of game projects i.e. Anno 1602, Terraria, Unreal and the Pirates of the Carribean.

The feature film ‘7 Miracles’ comprises of 7 episodes and has a full runtime of 70 minutes. It is thus the very first feature-length VR cinematic offering from Vive Studios. The movie belongs to a series of many similar movies about key historical figures, that are in the planning phase.

The type of virtual reality capture technology used by the filmmakers was volumetric video capture and photogrammetry. The resultant output is an 8k resolution, 360-degree experience. Audiences can connect to the story’s events and helps viewers get a hyper-realistic feeling within ancient settings. Audience members get a feeling of being a part of the story as it unfolds around them. They can also feel like they are having interactions with the characters of the story.

Producer Enzo Sisti shed some light into the effort taken to develop a feature-length VR movie, remarking that the approach differs from that of producing big budget films like Wonder Woman. Sisti also explained that there is not much of a difference in how low budget and big budget movies are filmed and produced.

source: Vive Studios

Sisti emphasised that for a VR project like ‘7 Miracles’, the major differences are created during the phase of post-production. The differences in shooting methods are quite evident, as VR footage is shot within a 360-degree environment. According to Sisti, the post-production phase is quite crucial for hiding things or people that are part of the footage unwittingly.

‘7 Miracles’ can be accessed by users through Viveport and Google Play. It is a strong indicator of VR filmmaking possibilities.





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