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Ferndale Virtual Reality Centre Lets Gamers Explore Fantasy Settings

Players across age groups enjoy virtual reality (VR) games together at Ferndale’s VR+ Zone, a gaming location with exclusive games and multiplayer gaming rooms. VR+ Zone is a Chinese group with the only North American outlet at Ferndale. It offers a large selection of games for kids aged 8 and above, and half price Wednesdays for students who show ID. The venue has solo gaming stations, virtual reality motion rides and multiplayer games.

Team-based virtual reality gaming is a key area of focus at the VR+ Zone in Ferndale. One of the experiences there takes people on a journey to a post-apocalyptic future, where creatures from the Jurassic period are seen charging at them. Gamers are face to face with giant dinosaurs that can be obliterated with guns provided to them. The VR encounter offers a thrilling outdoor experience to keep gamers hooked. Cheik Niang, a VR+ Zone staff member was seen assisting players of the adventure VR experiences.

Launched in October 2019, the immersive venue is not the first VR destination in the state of Michigan, but the biggest of its kind in North America. The VR hub stands out due to the number of multiplayer gaming opportunities on offer, according to Grace Fowler, the Manager. It emphasises how VR gaming experiences can be more fun in the company of loved ones.

The manager is helping gamers with the VR system. Image source: Detroitnews

Most of the virtual reality experiences require users to put on adjustable VR headsets along with a pair of goggles that block out light from the outside world. The devices allow gamers to be fully immersed within computer games. Ashley McFadden, visited the VR arcade with daughter Angela-Marie McFadden and two of her buddies, took part in the gaming experiences there. She described the experiences as quite intense, and remarked how she felt like being in another world during the game sessions.

VR+ Zone is a Chinese gaming company with locations across Asia, Australia and Belgium. The franchise owners are engineers at General Motors who happened to visit a VR+ Zone venue whilst on a China trip. The key perk of the North American venue is that the games are exclusive, unlike many other arcades. Creatures such as dangerous dinosaurs, zombies and alien life forms can only be experienced by users in Ferndale. McFadden revealed that her daughter Angela-Marie is a budding animator, who thoroughly enjoyed the excitement and technical aspects of the gameplay.

McFadden said that her daughter, who is into coding and computers, understood that the VR experience is not real life. She also emphasised that parents have to check the type of games being played by their children, before praising the involvement of the helpful VR+ Zone staff in helping the young ones. McFadden remarked that Fowler got children familiarised with the VR equipment and guided them regarding what to expect. The staff at VR+ Zone continue providing guidance even after the start of a game. Their help leads to visitors having better gaming experiences, and the kind that cannot be enjoyed at one’s home.

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