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Facebook Introduces Horizon Workroom—The Best VR Coworking Platform to Date

The Horizon Workroom open beta, the remote meeting platform from Facebook, is now available on Oculus Quest 2 VR headsets.

Facebook, the social networking giant leading the world of VR technology, recently unveiled their brand-new remote collaboration platform Horizon Workroom. Described as a capable VR meeting app, it is expected to offer some revolutionary features that might revolutionize the entire remote coworking scene and set the groundwork for the future of VR social experiences. It is essentially a mixed reality office that can efficiently accommodate anyone and everyone and has a suite of remarkable abilities to serve both smaller teams and larger groups. The platform is currently available in open beta.

Remote to Intimate

Horizon Workroom lets co-workers communicate over a virtual meeting platform, no matter how remotely they are located. While on the platform, you can share the same level of intimacy of an in-person meeting with your colleagues joining you from any corner of the world. Horizon Workroom provides such an immersive experience by utilizing a bunch of cutting-edge VR features exclusive to Oculus Quest 2, such as hand-tracking technology, Oculus desk, as well as Oculus keyboard. It also includes a diverse range of useful features, including keyboard tracking, wireless desktop streaming, video conferencing, spatial audio, and a mixed reality desk. One can conduct presentations, take notes using both public and personal whiteboards, even import images, texts, and video files via Horizon Workrooms app.

Easy Use

Although it comprises loads of cutting-edge technology and stunning features, setting up the mixed reality coworking platform is surprisingly easy. Along with the Oculus Quest app, Horizon Workrooms comes with a pairing app that is available for free on Mac and Windows PC. This dedicated web-based pairing app acts as the central hub of the coworking platform, through which users can communicate, collaborate, and co-create. They can also set up virtual private rooms for sharing data, uploading files, as well as record notes in real-time.

As if you’re really there

More interestingly, the interaction will take place on the platform featuring the VR avatars of the attendees, coming together from various parts of the world. The interaction feels incredibly natural as it would be in any physical environment. This is made possible by using key improvements made to character animations, lip-synching, as well as spatial audio features of the Horizon Workroom. The mixed reality social experience provides multiple “private rooms” or meeting spaces for addressing different needs of its users, not just one common platform where you can see other people and talk to them online. Rather, you can seamlessly converse, present, and share ideas with your co-workers in real-time, thanks to the excellent VR technology of Oculus Quest 2. It even offers a private workspace with proper seating arrangements if anyone needs them. This is said to be the most impressive aspect of Horizon Workspace. It gives you access to a range of Oculus technologies so that you have seamless productivity.

Facebook reports that Horizon Workrooms can accommodate up to 16 people in VR at a time. If anyone doesn’t have a VR headset, they can still join the room via standard video calling using the web-based app.

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