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Exclusive VR Based OCT Training Program Is Likely To Benefit Interventional Cardiologists

Technological advancement has taken medical science to a new height, and recent reports have revealed virtual reality programs have remained successful in uniquely increasing engagement and knowledge retention.

Amidst all these things, Abbott, the renowned American multinational medical devices and health care company announced an exclusive training program that is based on virtual reality.

As per the announcement, the program is likely to bring a huge change in the training of interventional cardiologists with optical coherence tomography (OCT) imaging technology and it is expected to enhance expertise and experience like never before.

Why Virtual Reality? 

The company is presently working on a training portfolio, and they are trying to come up with exclusive therapy options, diagnostic and imaging tools to assist the doctors.

Recent reports reveal doctors who are trained with VR tools, ensure a better outcome, and improved accuracy in medical practice. Using virtual reality in OCT training will take doctors directly to the catheterization laboratory, and the experience is like watching the entire thing from the ‘driver’s seat’.

It means doctors will be able to access and view coronary arteries with high precision, which was beyond imagination before the invention of the training program.

Objectives Of The Program

The primary reason behind this program is to improve the expertise of the trainee doctors as virtual reality allows individuals to take a close look at the nature of coronary disease, and it will help in making better decisions during the treatment.

Exclusive VR Based OCT Training Program Is Likely To Benefit Interventional Cardiologists

Recent statistics reveal improved clinical outcomes compared to angiographically-guided strategy, and it will help in optimizing the outcomes in the future. The Director of Seton Hays Medical Cente, Vamsi Krishna admitted that OCT imagining technology is bringing new opportunities, and it has helped his team to understand the OCT technology faster and efficient way.

He also added that he was happy for being a part of the initiative, and the program would bring significant changes in medical training.


The new VR training program is likely to eradicate obstacles for cardiologists and enhance the competency of the technology. The new OCT training program is powered by Oculus Go and it will dramatically improve decision-making skills.

As per the research conducted by Abbott, the new virtual reality-based training program has helped to improve knowledge retention by 72% and learning engagement by 45%.

In this context, the vice president of global commercial operations of Abbott’s vascular business, Harvinder Sing said that the exclusive OCT training program launched by Abbott will provide more detailed and experiential training to the interventional cardiologists and it will result in precise diagnosis along with massive cost-cutting.

There is no doubt that the VR-based OCT training program is appreciated by experts around the world and it is about to bring a change in the world of medical training.

While describing the benefits, the divisional vice president, medical affairs, and chief medical officer of Abbott’s vascular business, Nick West, M.D. said that VR based OCT training program is helping interventional cardiologists to learn new technologies, and it will help to ensure improved clinical outcomes.


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