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EON Reality Enters AR and VR Partnership with LACC

EON Reality, a provider of virtual and augmented reality-based skills and knowledge transfers for educational and industrial organisations, has entered into a partnership with the Los Angeles City College (LACC). The college is set to use the AR and VR solutions provided by EON Reality for enhancing remote learning experiences.

EON Reality has stated that the recently-announced partnership with LACC is one of its biggest in Southern California. Under the terms of this new deal, more than 19 thousand LACC students and members of its faculty can generate, utilise and disseminate immersive AR and VR lessons. These lessons can be utilised both remotely, and after students get back into the classroom. EON Reality acknowledged the role of the college and the Los Angeles City College Foundation for making things possible.

Robert Schwartz, the Executive Director of Los Angeles City College Foundation, remarked that his organisation has cemented its position as one of California’s leading community college foundations. He said that the body’s contribution to partnering the College and EON Reality is another example of it creating opportunities. Schwartz expressed that his team was proud to help for making the partnership possible.

EON Reality is enthusiastic that the new partnership will be instrumental for highlighting the presence of its AVR Platform across the United States, as LACC is a stalwart of both vocational and academic training accessibility in LA. The company also mentioned that LACC can become a prominent power user of EON’s flagship offering following the partnership.

EON Reality and LACC enter partnership with AR and VR. Image: lacc

LACC can use the AR and VR service from EON Reality, and can also put in efforts for creating augmented and virtual reality lessons for English-speaking students across demographics. The College can add content to the current AVR Platform library of EON, and help it grow with its own set of education-related experiences.

Dan Lejerskar, the founder of EON Reality, spoke about the prospect of the partnership. He said that the opportunity of becoming a partner of an organisation like LACC during a pandemic and reaching out to educators and students is encouraging. He said that the company has put in efforts to make its immersive services and products available to people around the globe, and is now helping a local institution improve its capabilities. Lejerskar expressed hope for the partnership to be a long one and intends to expand it in the future.

Academic institutions are turning to VR and AR-based remote learning possibilities for enhancing educational standards at homes and at classrooms when they are able to resume classes again. EON Reality has mentioned that it is now shifting focus towards making technology easier to use for both students and instructors. Organisations like LACC are helping end-users gain access to tools like a dedicated customer support team and EON’s Resource Center, and making use of its AVR offering for remote and in-classroom education.

Dr Mary Gallagher, the President of Los Angeles City College, spoke about EON’s technology. According to her, LACC is enthusiastic about harnessing EON’s offerings for helping its students and faculty members.

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