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EnvisionVR Secures $2.6 Million Funding for Global Expansion

EnvisionVR raises $2.6 million as it expands internationally

Proptech sector firm EnvisionVR, located in Sydney, has secured $2.585 million from real estate buyers in its latest investment deal. The business has created a cutting-edge virtual reality (VR) experience for purchasers of off-the-plan properties.

EnvisionVR will utilise the money to pursue its goals for international growth and to build up its worldwide coalition of CGI collaborators.

EnvisionVR was established in 2019 by Michanel Shaw and David Esber, and it is now active in Australia, the UK, Canada, and the US.

According to the business, sales representatives have used the EnvisionVR network to present and close in excess of $500 million of real estate in only the last year and half.

With the use of smartphones, tablet devices, or VR headsets, the equipment offers simulated inspections of flat and house plans, providing purchasers with a vivid picture of the completed project.

EnvisionVR’s Virtual Property Experience, in contrast to other property-related VR circumstances, gives consumers a realistic perspective of the interior design so they may wander around unrestricted as if they had entered a real home.

Together with construction companies and architectural businesses, the firm has partnered with several prominent developers, such as Sekisui House and Third.i Group, to integrate its virtual reality technology into their marketing initiatives. According to EnvisionVR, this has produced favourable outcomes for the sector and surged earnings.

Shaw EnvisionVR’s CEO, said that the objective was the make the highest quality AR/VR experience, so that any individual with VR headgear or smart devices can envision how their home would look. 

Although there are many options available, most of them need powerful machines to see or are connected. With their own gadgets, consumers may now immediately access immersive experiences thanks to EnvisionVR.

 The AYA Bondi luxury condominium property, owned by Moshav Financial, was relaunched by Ray White Projects using EnvisionVR innovation.

Ray White Projects’ Davina Polleto claimed that EnvisionVR surpasses 360-degree tour innovations and introduces a realistic off-plan project, rendering it an excellent instrument for incorporating into a robust advertising effort to facilitate purchasing off-the-plan much more easier.

EnvisionVR has been hired to create virtual reality experiences for initiatives that the authority is advertising.

Shaw claims that by enabling 3D designers to sell the EnvisionVR experience to customers instead of developing it internally, EnvisionVR is expanding the number of individuals who can use its software.

The developer enables its partner network of more than 20 CGI studios in six different countries to offer VR without any of the hassle. He elaborated further, saying that the company’s VR experiences are already being offered to its clients.

Shaw added that his team is eager to expand its team and enable any 3D designer to effortlessly create impactful virtual experiences with a single click owing to technological advancements.

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