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Dreamscape Immersive Offering New Dragon VR Experience

Dreamscape Immersive has made considerable efforts to develop location-based virtual reality (VR) for audiences in the past. The company has recently launched yet another VR experience based on DreamWorks’ How to Train Your Dragon series.

DreamWorks Animation has partnered with Universal Games and Digital Platforms to debut a new VR experience named DreamWorks Dragons: Flight Academy. The experience was unveiled in December at the Century City Mall in Los Angeles.

Bruce Vaughn, CEO, Dreamscape Immersive, said in a GamesBeat interview that Dreamscape is the meeting point of stories and the emotions invoked through filmmaking. He also highlighted that customers are protagonists and put in roles central to the experience. According to him, the emotional element of movies, combined with the virtual aspect of amusement destinations is a throwback to his experiences at Disney.

The VR experience has a 35-minute duration including prep-time and costs $20 per person. It lets participants ride dragons in virtual reality. One has to strap on their seat belts and don the provided wrist sensors, headphones, and VR headsets during the experience. Those taking part in the experience can ride dragons, lean on whichever side they want to turn in that direction, lean back to achieve elevation and lean forward to fly down. Vaughn’s impression of the experience was akin to controlling a bicycle, which is something most people are already familiar with.

Image source: Dreamscape

Participants are welcomed to the experienced by Dragon series protagonists Astrid and Hiccup, who are seen riding Stormfly and Toothless. The two characters lead participants onto Berk city, a place where dragons and humans enjoy peaceful coexistence. Viewers get to enjoy a different perspective of Berk than that shown in the movie series, as they can easily adjust their views in any direction.

The VR experience does allow its participants to fly on different routes, but they have to watch out where they are going to avoid collisions with their co-flyers. They must also avoid being obstructed by natural features of the world they are travelling through. One has to dodge arrows and get through icy caves, and eventually team up with their co-participants to free a dragon that is in chains.

The DreamWorks Dragons: Dreamscape Flight Academy experience has more to offer than most conventional VR experiences. Users can feel a mist sprayed on their face whilst flying above the ocean, and also when a dragon spits on them. Vaughan believes that the VR offering is best experienced at designated venues rather than at home. The sensations created at the Dreamscape Immersive location and the freedom of movement users get are hard to replicate anywhere else.

The social aspect of the VR feature is yet another reason why it should ideally not be experienced alone and at home. The experience has been created with a focus on collaboration and participants have to team up for certain tasks. Vaughan expressed that the reception and participation of target audiences have largely been positive. The mean age of guests coming to the venue is currently 32 years. The company also has other VR experience venues at several other US and worldwide locations.

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