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Dreamscape Immersive Arrives in New Jersey with Exciting Free-Roam VR Arcade Experience

The location-based VR experience provider is all set to introduce three new immersive experiences to New Jersey.

Dreamscape Immersive, one of the most popular location-based VR experience providers, is soon launching three of its most coveted free-roam VR experiences to Garden State. The company, responsible for VR experiences such as Dreamworks Dragons: Flight Academy and Men In Black: First Assignment, announce that they are opening a free-roam VR arcade in a new location at the Westfield Garden State Plaza in Paramus, New Jersey. This marks the first time in history that Dreamscape’s free-roam VR arcade experience is coming to the East Coast.

Dreamscape Immersive was founded back in 2006. Since its initial days, the company has strived to develop stunning immersive experiences, specialising in free-roam VR entertainment. They use a combination of virtual reality, haptic feedback technology, and full body-tracking to offer its users captivating VR experiences. All the adventures feature a unique, tailor-made setup customised for a variety of player interactions. Some take you on an adventure into an intergalactic wildlife park in Alien Zoo while others push you deep into the action-packed Curse of the Last Pearl: A Magic Protector Adventure.

Walter Parkes, CEO and Co-Founder of Dreamscape said in an official release that the company was founded to serve as a place where people would make life-long memories as they explore fantastical worlds full of magical creatures and exhilarating adventures. They could enjoy the exciting journeys with their families and friends. Parkes stated the vision of the company is embedded in the urge to push boundaries. To make that happen, Dreamscape combines cutting-edge technology with breathtaking, awe-inspiring content to fully immerse the audience, something that they have never seen before. In the official release, the CEO expressed great optimism regarding the new location being opened in New Jersey. He remarked that the guests are in for a great experience with this one-of-a-kind VR adventure.

The free-roam VR arcade is slated to open later this month. It is reported that Dreamscape’s Paramus location will feature three of their most popular location-based VR experiences. First is the incredible Alien Zoo, an intergalactic refuge that houses all kinds of extraordinary, but endangered creatures. The zoo is open to people for watching the animals and marveling at the wonders.

Another experience is titled Curse of the Last Pearl: A Magic Projector Adventure. This adventure will take the players into the deep jungles of Mesoamerica, where sits the magnificent Temple of Snake God rumbling in rage. The players are to explore the site in the quest to find the lost pearl. But they must face exciting obstacles thrown at them at every step of the journey.

The final and most anticipated VR experience is Dreamworks Dragons: Flight Academy. Players can sit themselves to learn dragon flight while helping Astrid and Hiccup in rescuing the village from invaders.


Dreamscape at AMC Garden State is scheduled to open for the public on November 19th at the 16 Theatre. Those interested can book their tickets directly from Dreamscape’s website.

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