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Customizable Ready Player Me Avatars Can Now Be Imported To VRChat

Ready PlayMe, the popular avatar maker app from Wolf3D, is now ready to support exporting free customizable avatars to the social virtual reality app VRChat. With this new feature, users can now easily create customizable avatars and get them on the popular social VR platform.

VRChat already hosts a ton of quirky avatars to choose from. However, a user might want to use a particular one because that may feel personal to them, or simply they like it too much to pass it up. In that case, you have the option to create their personal avatars on VRChat from scratch, given that they have the necessary technical skills and knowledge. But for those who are not equipped with such expertise, Ready Player Me is here to help you out.


Ready Player Me is an already popular avatar maker. It is essentially a web-based tool that helps users create customizable avatars for free. Now, the tool supports VRChat. With Ready Player Me, you can make the avatar of your choice in a matter of minutes and make an easy and direct import to the VRChat platform. However, the creators warn that at its present capacity, the import can take up to 10 o 15 minutes due to the steep demand for the exciting feature.

Taking a selfie

To create your personalized avatar, you can start by simply taking a selfie and carry on with customizing it. Or you can simply skip that part and go ahead directly to the customization section. Once you are satisfied with the avatar, just push the ‘Done’ button located at the top right corner of the webpage, and then select the ‘Import to VRChat’ option that will appear on the pop-up menu.

Customizable Ready Player Me Avatars Can Now Be Imported To VRChat

Ready Player Me is supported by an increasing list of virtual reality applications, such as LIV, Mozilla Hubs, MeetinVR, and so on. Now, VRChat joins the list. Users can also download their avatars in .fbx format.


Wolf3D, the company that created the Ready Player Me tool, stated that the creations are now compatible with Avatars 3.0 (AV3), the latest avatar system of VRChat. This allows users to access the built-in expression system in VRChat to emote and perform other avatar activities.

This is a significant step for the avatar-making tool. However, it is still in its initial stage, for Ready Player Me only allows customization of outfits, hair, and facial hair. It is yet to offer other key customization options such as height, facial structure, and body type.

Further development

Wolf3D has raised $1.3million in funding only last year. Therefore, it can be safely expected that the company will soon be able to realize further development in the days to come. However, we cannot expect the service to remain free of cost forever. The most obvious option for a tool like Ready Player Me is to offer a free set of basic customization options, along with a vast wardrobe containing various styles and fashion that users can access by purchasing them.

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