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Creators of ‘1080° Snowboarding’ Introduce Their First VR Snowboarding Game

Remember the classic Nintendo 64 snowboarding game 1080° Snowboarding?  Not just it was hugely popular, it inspired several titles in the years to come, including the beloved SSX Tricky. If you were a fan of 1080° snowboarding, then we have some good news for you. One of the creators of the title, Giles Goddard, is all set to launch a brand-new first-person snowboarding game, that too in virtual reality!

Carve Snowboarding, Goddard’s ambitious project is planned to launch in Oculus headsets. The announcement was made during the latest Gaming Showcase with an exclusive announcement trailer that provided a sneak peek into the downhill gameplay. In the announcement, the creators stated that it is their aim to make first-person snowboarding possible in virtual reality.

The hype for Carve Snowboarding increases

The game is developed in the Chuhai Labs by Giles Goddard. Although Chuhai Labs may not be a prominent name in the space of VR as of yet, they have already come up with some well-reviewed titles for PCVR. One such title is Paper Valley, though failed to grab wider attention. The latest project, nevertheless, is expected to garner more popularity than the previous releases. However, the success of Carve Snowboarding is likely to yield from the popularity of its inspiration, i.e. 1080° Snowboarding.

Carve Snowboarding is essentially a VR version of the 1080° Snowboarding, a classic snowboarding game of the Nintendo-64 era that came out in 1998. 1080° Snowboarding arguably defined the genre of extreme sports for most Nintendo lovers. It is expected, therefore, that Carve Snowboarding will be able to fill the void in the genre of extreme sports in VR.

Neither the creator nor Facebook, the company that owns Oculus, has revealed many details about the much-anticipated game. It is not yet announced on which Oculus headset the game will be launched. However, considering the graphics and mechanics of the game as seen in the announcement trailer, gamers can at least expect Oculus Quest as the baseline headset. The wireless feature of Oculus Quest is going to be one of the most significant aspects of the VR title as it would give players the freedom to move freely.

Endless things to do

To the utter delight of gamers worldwide, Carve Snowboarding is reportedly going to have some exciting features. The primary challenge of the game is to master the tricks of snowboarding and carving the way downhill. Users will have to speed down the mountain slopes in all the six courses to set the best time. The game also includes an asynchronous multiplayer mode where one can compete against others and work their way through the leaderboard. Other than these, the game will also offer amazing rewards in the form of cool virtual gears to be found during the course and the interactive space where players can relax by the fireplace, select snowboarding gears, create their customized mixtape, and even play with their dog.

The title is expected to release later in May 2020 with its price yet to be confirmed. However, the announcement in itself is very welcoming for gamers, especially those who still cherish the nostalgia of the N64 era.

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