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Craft and Create VR Worlds with Meta’s Unique AI Tech Builder Bot

Meta’s brand-new AI tech can generate custom 3D objects and modify VR worlds guided by your voice.


Meta (formerly Facebook) is dedicated to expanding its VR worlds with unique features. In their latest attempt, the social networking giant introduced a new AI-powered system that can genarate custom 3D objects inside its virtual worlds. On 24th February, 2022, Meta hosted a special event “Inside the Lab” showcasing its recent advancements in AI technology. The highlight of the event was “Builder Bot”, the AI-powered system the world is now talking about. This unique tech is essentially a universal translator powered by artificial intelligence. With this Builder Bot, users and developers can custom and craft VR worlds by using their voice. Moreover, this AI system allows you to communicate with anyone within the virtual world in any language you want.

The “Inside the Lab” event was an important chapter in Meta’s history. You can easily gauge its significance by the fact that Meta’s founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself made an appearance to unveil the new AI technology. Experts have dubbed the tech as groundbreaking, stating that the power to build complex virtual worlds using voice command alone would mark a significant turn in the development of AR and VR technology. With this technology, building custom VR worlds for Meta’s Horizon Worlds become easier. All you need to do is describe what you want to the Buider Bot, and it will do the rest for you.

During the event, both Zuckerberg and a team of developers demonstrated how this proof-of-concept technology works. The developers used the Builder Bot to create a few 3D landscapes by directing them in different languages, and the AI system delivered. The worlds featured a host of unique items, including daily-life 3D objects such as rocks, trees, and clouds. Zuckerberg also revealed that these VR worlds, created following the users’ vision, can also be explored by anyone using their VR avatars.

Once the expert developer concluded his demonstration, Zuckerberg took the task upon himself to point out the exciting facets of the AI system. He suggested the viewers that it was time to go to a beach. Wasting no time, he asked the Builder Bot to create a beach. At this point, his requests became more specific. He began with asking for some clouds, to which the AI tech responded with delivering some basic cloud layers. But Zuckerberg then asked for altocumulus clouds. Lo and behold, he got what he wanted.

From this point onwards, the CEO-developer duo went on to create a piece of virtual paradise, complete with palm trees, a picnic table, a boombox, delicious looking food and drinks, and even an adjacent island. They even incorporated some sound effects, including the sound of waves crashing, seagulls chirping, and tropical-themed music blasting from the boombox.

Experts remark that with this Builder Bot, Meta could bolster its catalogue of the user created VR worlds within the Horizon Worlds. However, we don’t know yet when can we get our hands on this incredible new AI system.

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