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Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale – The New and an Engaging VR Game

Resolution Games, the name behind numerous virtual reality experiences, has launched ‘Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale’, a virtual reality game on the Oculus Quest VR headsets and Oculus Rift. In the game, you need to use the kitchen and prepare sandwiches for hungry animals with up to four line cooks.

The Stockholm-based company aims to make casual, accessible, and funny VR games. Cook-Out is a part of its goal to facilitate mainstream consumer adoption of the tech. The studio is also known for works like Bait, Acron: Attack of the Squirrels, and Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs.

In the game, customers appear in the form of fable animal characters such as dogs, mice, or cats, and they are all hungry. A cartoon-style presentation, it offers a visceral feeling of being a cook to VR.


Solo chefs can also play the game but with the help of a simulated robot partner. An exciting feature of Cook-Out is its different and cool avatars like you can choose from some awesome pirate outfits and other kinds.

Another aspect that stands out is its superb voice communication. Whenever someone needs help, they can just shout and ask for it. If they notice something important happening, like a customer getting impatient, they can sound an alarm and get others to quickly make a sandwich before the customer leaves.

Every cook has a station with items like cheese, meat, garnishes, bread, and some special abilities. Everyone stands around a cooking table, facing one another and in the center of the table, there is a spinning roundtable where you need to put down the plates. With every order, a plate comes up with a number corresponding to the order and you look above the customers to check what the recipe demands.

You must place the ingredients down in the correct order and stack them neatly through your VR controllers. Also, no single cook can prepare a dish alone. You need to rely on others. While some ingredients are shared, a few of them are held by a single player. In the single-player version, a robot chef can help you out, but you have to constantly power it up.

Cook-Out includes an interesting feature; the ingredients change over time. For example, you may be the only player who has access to squid. But, later, it can change to mushroom. Also, the artwork is quite funny. The initial levels are relatively easy, as gamers serve several customers at a time. They get the recipes right and the customers provide mostly satisfactory ratings.

Endless Cooking

Users get to play more than 50 levels in Cook-Out that are spread out across 18 towns. Additionally, there is an Endless Mode, where the user can keep going until they are unable to do it any further. This exciting aspect will draw several gamers and compel them to set new records. No wonder gaming experts are loving this wonderful VR creation and highly recommend this title.

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