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Clash of Chefs VR Brings a Stunning Virtual Reality Cooking Game 

Bring out your inner Michelin-star chef and battle your culinary skills out with competitors from all around the planet in this virtual cooking experience.

A VR culinary adventure
Ever dreamt of donning a chef’s hat and running a five-star kitchen? Now you can live your dream with the fast-paced PVP cooking game Clash of Chefs VR. But remember, running a kitchen is not easy. It is often a swim or sink situation where you will have to bring your A-game every night to woo your customers and hold on to your reputation. So, buckle up and pick up the chef’s knife. You are in for a great culinary adventure.

The exhilarating VR cooking game, brought to you by Flat Hill Games, offers its players a kitchen-based virtual reality experience. In this game, players will have to take up the role of a seasoned chef fighting to keep the kitchen together during a maddening shift while whipping up delicious plates of food at the same time.

Manage the kitchen
The challenge asks you to do everything that a chef might need to do while running a kitchen. From getting your orders right to chopping up vegetables, fixing the sauce, flipping a burger, and making a sumptuous drink, to getting out orders as fast as they come in—all while managing a chaotic kitchen environment. Don’t forget, you will be serving food to some of the world’s pickiest eaters and harshest food critics. So, you better be good at what you do.

Adrenaline rush
In this virtual kitchen, the players will have access to a crazy spread of ingredients and produce from all over the world, along with the latest cooking gadgets and tools that they have only dreamt of so far. Use them wisely in your adrenaline-pumped cooking adventure and beat other chefs putting up a steep competition against you. Just make sure you don’t burn anything or mess up any order, or you will have to deal with a bunch of unsatisfied customers giving you horrible reviews.

Unique cuisines
What is more exciting in Clash of Chefs VR is that the game lets you choose from a wide range of restaurants to work for, each specialising in unique cuisines including Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Mexican, and so on. Each cuisine comes with its own set of preparation challenges. But don’t worry, there are many in-game tutorials to help you learn the intricate techniques and tricks of the trade. You will learn how to roll out perfect sushi, operate the high-temperature oven, or tempering the exotic Indian spices while going through the training process. Once you are confident enough, you are ready to run the show.

Challenging levels
The game starts at a slow but steady pace. But as you level up, the orders start to pour in. The complexity of the orders also goes up as the game progresses, throwing you increasingly difficult challenges.

To spruce up the challenge, the game also features a global leaderboard showcasing how well you are doing in the kitchen. You can also enter a head-to-head competition with other cooks via PVP multiplayer.

Clash of Chefs VR is now available on SteamVR, Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, and Viveport.

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