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Challenge Your Friends in the Most Epic Laser Tag Battle on VR with MissionX

Oculus Quest gets a new arena-scale laser tag in VR.

Ever chased your friends around a real-life laser tag zone? If you haven’t, you have no idea what you are missing in life. And if you already have, we bet the standard video game laser tag doesn’t appeal to you anymore. But fret not. To give you the life-like thrill, Oculus Quest is bringing in an arena-scale laser tag in VR.

Titled MissionX, the unique game is essentially a free-roam VR immersive experience that could transform any space into a giant laser tag arena. Be it an abandoned warehouse, a basket course, an office space, or just the backyard at your home, MissionX could turn any available space into an epic virtual battlefield.

The game features five different laser tag arenas to battle your opponents, which include Spaceship, Snow Town, Pirates Hunter, CS Military Camp, and Ghost Castle. Each arena features a unique look and offers a host of challenges. Up to 10 players can join in simultaneously during a single game.

With such a vast array of game modes and challenges to choose from, MissionX has something for everyone. The primary game mode is called Team Deathmatch, where you will have to team up with four other teammates and rack more kills than your opponents. Another mode is Capture the Flag. As the name suggests, the primary goal of this mode is to claim the flag before anyone else does while escaping the torrential firings of the opponents. But this one is a single-player mode, designed for the lone wolves. The game even has a mode called Coronavirus Killer, which would have been a great stress buster during the lockdown!

The game is developed by Holomia, a Vietnamese company specialising in 360-degree VR experiences. The company has been working on MissionX for a long time now, striving to perfect its immersive experience and improve its multiplayer features. MissionX also supports the latest bHaptics vest, which adds an additional layer of immersion using haptic feedback technology. It is reported that on 20th November 2021, MissionX will receive a huge update that will make the free-roam experience even more fascinating. The developers claim that this update will be more like the finishing touch to this already exciting game.

The developing team also stated that the update will be going public way sooner than they expected. The new update will bring some cool new features like improved game map selection, PC spectator control, updated in-game player status, and even a calorie consumption tracker during all game modes.

Among all its exciting features, the coolest one is perhaps the spectator option. Unlike most VR games, you can simply watch and enjoy a laser tag battle. No need to join in, just enjoy the virtual better via your monitor. This could be a great way to gather intel on your opponent team so that you can prepare before your next encounter.

MissionX is now available on Oculus Quest via App Lab.

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