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Breckenridge gets a virtual reality arcade experience

Breckenridge has got its very first virtual reality arcade, offering a host of exciting and immersive gaming experiences. The arcade venue is called the VR Arcade Breckenridge.

Among the many examples of games at the VR Arcade, a zombie game stands out as a popular choice. This game provides quite a realistic immersive environment and keeps players on their toes the entire time. The virtual environment is captivating, minus the usual blood and gore associated with zombie games. It is one of the controlled scenarios meant for young gamers.

It is just one instance among the many games programmed on the hard drives of VR Arcade Breckenridge. Children can enjoy up to 30 different scenarios at the arcade. The arcade offers plenty of suitable options other than shooting zombies with bows and arrows. Another instance is a western scenario where players shoot bottles off a bar.

The arcade was launched by the same group of people responsible for the Mountain Time Escape Rooms i.e. Larry Martinez, Reba Martinez, and Larissa Martinez. The virtual reality (VR) arcade features four different pods or stations for gamers to use.

Larissa Martinez photo by Hugh Carey

Larissa Martinez revealed information regarding the arcade, stating that it did not have any particular age-based requirements. She elaborated that based on the type of headsets, motor skills and audio effects required to enjoy the gaming experience, her recommendation for the VR Arcade is children of at least 6 or 7 years of age.

The virtual reality gaming system makes use of sensors to perform tracking of the body movements of games. Once a gamer veers too close to the set perimeter, a safety grid makes an appearance to prevent them from crashing into the wall.

VR Arcade Breckenridge offers its games straight from the hard drives of its computer systems, instead of streaming content over the Internet. According to the owners, offline content loading sharply reduces lags, prevents motion sickness related issues among its gamers, and gets rid of glitches.

VR Arcade Photo by Hugh Carey

The pricing of the arcade is based on the playing time of users. For a 15 minute session, one has to pay $20. Half-hour sessions cost $30, while a full hour charge is $55. The arcade does enable groups of users to rent out several pods simultaneous or book a single booth for an hour on a trade-in/trade-out basis.

The owners of the VR Arcade Breckenridge continue to invest their time and efforts into latest developments. The family of three has not looked back since October 2016, when they had launched Boreas’ Revenge Avalanche Cabin, the first Breckenridge escape room. Last year, they made an addition called The Search for Sasquatch and opened a second escape room named Paranormal Mystery of Breckenridge, in December 2018.

Reba Martinez commented regarding the Searching for Sasquatch experience, and also revealed that their escape rooms featured holograms, sound effects, computer-generated visuals, animatronics, and more.

The escape rooms which offer vivid experiences and the latest VR arcade attractions from the Martinez family are innovative developments.



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