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Beenoculus presents 3DoF VR headset at 5G Summit Brazil technology

Beenoculus, a Brazil-based enterprise-level extended reality (XR) software and hardware offerings, had recently shown off its new all-encompassing 3DoF virtual reality (VR) headgear at the 5G Summit Brazil in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

According to Beenoculus, its latest headset is made to meet the requirements of Brazilian companies and developers adequately. It does so by giving them a headset that offers a cost-effective approach to mitigate a variety of scenarios, along with an end-to-end solution to meet content and infrastructural requirements.

The new gadget, which is based on the DPVR P1 Pro adaptable VR headset, has the Snapdragon XR1 chipset under the hood. It comes with a 100-degree field of vision (FoV), and comes in 2.5K or 4K display variants.

Beenoculus is the flagship South American distributor for the headset manufacturer, a company based in Shanghai that specialises in designing and making modern VR equipment. Last October, the firms formed a strategic partnership for the development and distribution of the headset.

Beenoculus CEO José Evangelista Terrabuio Junior commented on the announcement and 5G innovation, stating that XR has to do with highly innovative human-computer interfaces based on natural language. Such a system will let users gain information through a set of noteworthy experiences. XR includes the most effective communication protocols established by humans. Its incredibly high speeds delivered by 5G technology can support quick VR technology adoption across a variety of industry domains and businesses. This will aid in substantially improving current user experiences.

Junior also said that by using virtual reality technology, medical staff can easily carry out remote treatments for patients. The easy access to voluminous medical data AI can be utilised to carry out patient diagnoses. It also helped in formulating treatment regimens methodologies in a hassle-free manner. The level of interaction of objects, along with the merging of the real and simulated worlds, has been made better by the introduction of 5G innovation.

Derek Liu, VP of DPVR, also remarked about the development, stating that the company was grateful for Beenoculus being a part of the 5G Summit Brazil event. The coming of the 5G generation can help in taking virtual reality businesses to the next level, along with widening the scope of applications of the same technology. He added that 5G infrastructure investment signifies the path to a more illuminated future.

Beenoculus made an announcement regarding it being the first VR equipment integration company to be a part of the conference in Brazil. The conference featured telecom leaders and legislators, and it dealt with the sectors and devices that are set to gain from the Internet of Things (IoT), Open RAN, Private Networks and Metaverse, along with the effect of 5G technology in Brazil.

Check the Beenoculus website for more information about Beenoculus and its virtual reality hardware and software solutions for Brazilian companies. Those interested in knowing more about the DPVR brand and its offerings can find the same on its official website.

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