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AR/VR Tools Announced by Adobe for Creating Metaverse Assets

Adobe Inc., a major player in the creative software sector, has recently made an announcement regarding offering tools that creators can utilise for developing new immersive three-dimensional worlds for the metaverse.

The technology giant considers the metaverse as a domain that is set to make its mark in a way that bridges the gap between the physical and digital worlds. It intends to direct designers to create assets for the metaverse.

Adobe has announced various new tools and features that can help designers build components for the metaverse during the Adobe Summit 2022. It is a virtual event by the company powered by the Adobe Experience Cloud.

The company has expressed that it considers metaverses to be virtual worlds that can be the new domains for digital communications. It believes that metaverses are capable of offering more vivid and intense shared experiences that are more seamless, and enable people to interact, collaborate and meet up virtually. In the metaverse, people can enjoy gaming, meet, gain education, shop, and participate in different experiences.

Shantanu Narayen, Chief Executive, Adobe, elaborated more about the metaverse project. He emphasised that the company is relying on the digital world to perform actions that were once only possible in the real world.

Adobe has stated that the Adobe Experience Cloud has several tools that help creators gain access to a number of tools required to design immersive experiences. However, there are indications of the company making considerable efforts in the area, in the near future. A standout tool being offered by the company is the Adobe Substance 3D Modeler. It has been designed for the hassle-free creation of 3D worlds in augmented reality and is currently in the beta stage.

Substance 3D Modeler has features that help users create three-dimensional objects through an interface amalgamating VR gestures and a desktop UI. This offering comes with the Universal Scene Description 3D feature that was created by Pixar. It also has support for the Graphics Language Transmission Format for 3D models and scenes. Substance 3D has been used in various games such as Halo, Final Fantasy, and Fortnite.

According to Adobe, the Aero tool is used for developing AR worlds and utilised by companies like Amazon and the Smithsonian Institution.

It said that there are plans to integrate its immersive and three-dimensional tools for the offerings of Adobe Experience Cloud, such as the Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Target, Adobe Commerce and Adobe Analytics. There have already been some efforts of 3D content integration, along with the offerings of its Creative Cloud.

According to Anil Chakravarthy, Adobe Digital Experience Business President, the demand for data-driven immersive experiences will rise significantly in the near future, especially for multiple users, e-commerce and custom identity exports and virtual assets. He added that Experience Cloud of the company will contribute to its efforts for delivering custom experiences.

New offerings of the Experience Cloud were also revealed aside from the metaverse announcement from Adobe. Further developments are expected in the near future.

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