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Apple’s Much-Awaited AR/ VR Headset May Require Connection to Mac or iPhone

Recent updates from Apple reveals that the rumoured Apple AR/ VR headset will need to be wirelessly tethered to another iOS device, i.e., iPhone or Mac.

AR/VR  headset
Apple, arguably the frontrunner brand in technology and innovation, has long been teasing its AR/ VR headset. While its prominent contenders, such as Facebook, have already grabbed the marketplace with their AR/ VR headsets. However, the tech giant pioneered by legendary Steve Jobs is yet to reveal one from their own inventory. But it has been teasing the enthusiasts with the development of an innovative headset for a long time now.

Connected to Iphone
As the hype continues to build, Apple has finally indicated that they are working on the rumoured AR/ VR headset. However, the company has also hinted at something interesting with regards to its features. According to a report published in The Information, the new headset will have to be wirelessly tethered with a similar iOS device, such as an iPhone. According to the reports, it is necessary to unlock the full spectrum of advanced features of the headset and access all its functionalities. This reminds us of the initial versions of the Apple Watch when people had to carry an iPhone or MacBook with them.

The Information, in their report, also claims that Apple is already done with working on the chips to develop the said headset, as well as its initial design. However, it also indicated that mass production of the device is scheduled at least a year from now. The company is yet to develop several other components of the AR/ VR headset, including three essential chips that would purportedly be designed and developed by the Taiwan-based tech company Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing, which is also a long-time partner of Apple.

Necessary connection
The connection to another iOS device, as per the reports, is necessary because the headset is yet to include Apple’s neural engines, the technology that deals with machine learning and artificial intelligence. Therefore, to offload its comparatively complex processor-heavy tasks, the headset will have to be tethered with a device with a similar OS. The chip in question, which is being developed for the SoC, will be more efficient at sending and receiving data wirelessly, as well as decompressing/ compressing video data compared to traditional chips. This makes sense, given the fact that the device is designed to stream data from another iOS device instead of performing the heavy-load processing by itself.

Apart from the tethering feature, reports also reveal that Apple’s AR/ VR headset is being developed to be highly power-efficient and offer maximum battery life. The removal of unused parts of the proposed chip, along with the feature of streaming data from an external device might help the headset achieve this. For any wearable technology, the balance between performance and battery life is always crucial. To this end, Apple might really be onto something offering the perfect balance.

We are yet to have a comprehensive picture of what this much-anticipated AR/VR headset might look like. But Apple CEO Tim Cook has long assured us that once it is introduced, it is going to transform how people play, work, learn, and communicate. We are waiting with bated breath to witness how things turn out eventually.

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