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Accenture’s UK Recruitment will Test Graduates Using VR

World-renowned consulting firm Accenture is confining its potential employees inside an Egyptian tomb to find out how well they can solve problems. In an entirely fresh approach to recruiting graduates in its UK business, Accenture has incorporated immersive technology like VR and AR in order to determine the candidates’ potential and key skills.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are said to be the evolution of visual technology, with a growing number of positive predictions regarding a significant surge in sales and usage in the upcoming years. A $300 million boost in the gaming sector played a major part in pushing the VR market through the $1 billion targets 2 years ago. It is predicted that sales in headsets are going to reach two hundred million units within the next 2 years.

It will not be right to believe that the breakneck speed in the rise of AR and VR is a result of the demand in the entertainment area only. Such immersive technology is also being used in the healthcare, retail and manufacturing sectors for training and education. Another important market is the consulting industry which has started incorporating these new techs in order to deliver an efficient and productive outcome in several aspects of its work.

Accenture maintains a position of initial leadership in the VR and AR services market and has delivered enterprise and consumer experiences for clients like Jeep and BMW in recent years. They have also opened an XR (Extended Reality) practice. Additionally, the procurement of the professional VR firm Mackevision was finished in 2018. The acquisition of this agency was designed to help accelerate Accenture’s ability to imagine, operate and create XR solutions steadily for the clients and assist in driving the XR market’s future.

Accenture started introducing its own internal affairs to the VR and AR technologies. This involves a fresh method of recruiting graduates for its business in the UK; to help establish a divergent workforce whilst offering the aspirants with an insight into the immersive technology that is implanted in every angle of life at the agency.

During the assessment days of graduates at Accenture, a set of tasks using VR and AR technologies are given to the individuals. These tasks include performing the usual, everyday work of managing a conference call with a client from inside a digital version of Accenture office or entering an Egyptian tomb and cracking a hieroglyphics code using their problem-solving tactics. Tech solutions provider Capp developed a VR assessment which gives the individuals an extent of physical immersion that urges behavioural responses from them. This gives Accenture a clear idea about how they might perform their roles at the agency.

This approach also supports strengths-based evaluation, focussing on the candidates’ strengths and what they like doing, rather than what they have done or can do. This type of recruitment is performed with the hopes of sourcing talents from sundry backgrounds, whilst also testing candidates in the situation of personal context.

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