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Light Field Lab Introduces New Modular Holographic Video Wall, Gives Access to 3D Visuals without VR Headsets

SolidLight, an innovative platform developed by Light Field Lab, now makes projecting 3D holograms without a dedicated VR headset possible.

A new era
There was a time when holography was regarded as science fiction. From there, this fascinating technology has come a long way and has become very much real. Over the last couple of years, there has been significant development within the space of holographic technology which, in turn, has come down to feature in personalised systems. Be it the simplistic Looking Glass Portrait 3D display, or a more advanced and complex experience such as Microsoft’s multi-lingual MR hologram powered by HoloLens 2, the constant innovation in the field indicates that the world has entered a new era concerning immersive technology. SolidLight, the latest holographic platform offering from Light Field Lab, is another evidence of that.

Next-generation 3D visuals
Announced last week, the company unveiled an innovative turnkey solution that promises next-generation 3D visuals. Light Field Lab claims that the world has not seen anything similar to this until now. The system is powered by a unique combination of Light Filed Lab’s proprietary WaveTracer software and hardware. Moreover, the SolidLight Surface Panel measuring 28 inches can offer billions of pixels to each of the 3D objects. The company refers to what the display projects as SolidLight Objects. They can move, refract, and reflect in physical space ever so realistically. Just as you move around in a physical space, your perspective of the image does the same, giving you a life-like feel of the physical world.

Realise your vision
This is where things get more interesting. While the panels are capable of working independently, they can also create one stunning 3D holographic display when combined together. So much so that project images of any size, without compromising with its realistic look. As per Light Field Lab’s claim, anyone can now create ginormous video walls using 3D holograms and they will be hardly distinguishable from real life. The company also states that the application of the 3D video wall can be diverse. From marketing experts to creators in the entertainment or fashion industry, anyone can make efficient use of this innovative holographic technology and realise their visions.

Until now, accessing 3D VR visuals was largely dependent on VR headsets. But SolidLight Panels can independently project 3D holographic images, whether it is still or in video format. This gives users more freedom and flexibility to use 3D visuals and increases their use in more diverse fields.

Jon Karafin, CEO of Light Field Lab emphasises the extraordinary realistic outlook of the new SolidLight platform. He says that the output looks so real that one cannot even tell it from an actual object until they reach out to touch it. He is hopeful that the platform will dramatically redefine audience engagement, reshape visual communication, and subsequently, transform the customer experience.

Pre-ordering for SolidLight is already available now on Light Field Lab’s website. The company reported that after the rapid sellout of the pre-production units, the rest are being reserved for companies focused on commercial applications for the next three years.

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