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Oculus Announces Its First-Ever Virtual Reality Gaming Showcase

Oculus, the VR powerhouse owned by Facebook announced its first event dedicated solely to showcase the VR games of the platform. The announcement declared that the showcase will feature some unseen footage from several upcoming Oculus games. Besides, it is rumored to pack some surprise elements as well.

Titled “Oculus Gaming Showcase”, the event is all set to take place April 21, 2021, at 3 pm PT (11 pm BST, 6 pm EST, and April 22, 2021, 8 am AEST). It will be streaming on Oculus channels on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch. Interestingly, the company has announced that the showcase will be streamed in the United States and Japan. It remains a question whether other regions of the world will be blocked out from watching the event in real-time.

Very first time

The VR tech company has been holding the Oculus Connect event every year since 2014. But, the latest Oculus Gaming Showcase will be its very first event that will exclusively focus on the VR gaming titles available on the platform. This means that, unlike the Oculus Connect, it would not feature other VR apps, firmware, software, or hardware news and updates.

Oculus Announces Its First-Ever Virtual Reality Gaming Showcase

Interesting and promising games

Facebook has hinted that the fans will get to hear from game developers like Ready At Dawn, ILMxLab, and Cloudhead Games during the event. They will reportedly share the latest updates and news on some of the much-anticipated and popular games such as Lone Echo II, Pistol Whip, Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge, and so on. However, Facebook says that these are just a few big names out of many more interesting and promising games to be displayed during the Oculus Gaming Showcase. Viewers can expect more fan-favorite titles and surprise elements once they tune in to the live stream, stated Facebook’s announcement.

Cutting-edge features

Oculus is one of the most prominent VR headset developers in the world. Other than Oculus, the Oculus Quest 2 is also regarded as one of the most affordable standalone VR headsets. It is completely wire-free and does not even need a PC or tab to run. Yet, it packs more than enough hardware to play some of the best VR games. The wireless VR is in all the rage among users for its great versatility and ample freedom to play. Other than this, Oculus also comes with cutting-edge features like hand-tracking, passthrough cameras, inside-out tracking (no external sensors), and an efficient guardian system that makes the system unbelievably fun.

An amazing treat

Presumably, the amazing features and technology that come with Oculus will increase the hype and anticipation of the upcoming VR games that are likely to be showcased in the event. However, the details of the event are currently scarce. There is no confirmed news on whether the fans will get to hear about some of the most anticipated VR titles published by Oculus, such as Assassin’s Creed VR game or Splinter Cell by Ubisoft. But one thing is for sure— fans are in for an amazing treat once the event starts streaming.

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