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World’s Lightest MR Glasses RealX Revealed by 0Glasses

The elegant RealX is the lightest pair of mixed reality (MR) glasses in the world today, with a weight of 70 grams. It features efficient phone-compatible connections, foldable temples, and sunglasses capable of displaying a 100-inch full-HD virtual screen. The offering’s portable nature makes it ideal as a pocket-cinema experience.

0Glasses is debuting RealX on a global level at the CES 2020 event being held between January 7-10 in Las Vegas. Booth number 21445 at the Las Vegas Convention Center is the place to be, for those interested in trying out the immersive RealX glasses.

The Shenzen-based augmented reality (AR) development company, launched in 2014, has been offering solutions geared towards the industrial market since its inception. It had developed two generations of augmented reality smart glasses, 0glasses Pro and 0glasses Danny, released in 2016 and 2017 respectively. The company has been the harbinger of the augmented reality sector in China and has made efforts to stick to current trends. Following two years of trial and preparation, 0glasses has come out with RealX, its 3rd-gen AR smart glasses geared towards the consumer market, and the Danny 2 enterprise-market glasses for August 2019.

Image source: 0glasses

The lightweight RealX MR glasses have a trendy design similar to most other sunglasses. Weighing at only 70 grams, it is geared towards the consumer space. The sleek design, compared with powerful features makes RealX stand out from the rest as an innovative technology for users on the go. Consumers can use the glasses for entertainment applications like streaming and gaming, or productivity tasks like document checking and word processing.

Plug and play functionality allows tethering and connecting Realx to different device types such as gaming consoles, notebooks, mobile phones, tablets or RealX’s computer units through a USB-C port. All of this is possible without making any compromises in style and convenience. RealX elevates small screen experiences into full-fledged MR experiences. The 1080p displays and 50-degree view plane showcases sharp images and on-the-go immersive experiences. RealX functions as a pocket theatre with its 100-inch VR screen, which helps consumers utilise its full visual quality.

Image source: Venturebeat

Bob Su, 0glasses CEO, said that the company is aiming to let everyone view the world differently and also view other worlds, leading to the company developing RealX, making its foray into the consumer space and incorporating XR technology into the lives of people.

User experience has always been an area of focus for design for the RealX project, to suit the differing needs of consumers. This has prompted its developer to produce three different lens shades, ranging from transparent to dark, so its wearers utilise the glasses in both outdoor and indoor settings. Wearers will also have the option of differing colours, several nose pad sizes and a lens inserts to fulfil individual needs. 0glasses RealX also offers support for third party SDKs and several other capabilities, such as 6DoF tracking, image tracking, plane detection and SLAM. The MR glasses also support hand gestures, voice recognition and touch feedback through smartphones or exclusive 0glasses devices.

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