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VPS 19 MR Smart Glasses from Viewpointsystem Set to Revolutionise Workplaces

Viewpointsystem, a technology company from Vienna, is making a significant splash at the CES 2019 event with the introduction of the VPS 19, its revolutionary mixed reality smart glasses. It is a piece of technology that will input elements of mixed reality (MR) for perception tracking and live eye tracking.

The VPS 19 is an easily portable and lightweight piece of technology product. Its components include Eye Hyper-Tracking; a pair of specialised glasses with mixed reality features, and a small smart hardware unit known as the Smart Unit. The VPS 19 is hands-free hardware that can be utilised without voice commands. It works by reading and interpreting eye gestures, and tracking perception to instantly make out what a wearer is witnessing.

According to the company, the glasses are able to read the wearer’s subliminal awareness and use such data to produce content that the individual subconsciously desires. By using utilising two-way communication, the system enables wearers and external parties to meet and collaborate within mixed reality.

Viewpointsystem considers the VPS 19 as a method of solving obstacles, as it can fundamentally transform the real world settings into that of a computer screen. Wearers can exhibit two-dimensional graphics or computer-generated content in the real world. Any information relayed through the system can be manifested in a physical form. For instance, one can consider the observations of a scenario involving a worker. If the worker requires instant, real-time assistance for a specific task, a supervisor can guide him remotely through the VPS 19 glasses. The wearer, in this case, the supervisor, gets a full view of the worker’s perspective. The worker also who is also wearing the VPS 19 glasses, can read gestures and directions created by his supervisor. For example, the supervisor can draw an arrow or a circle to guide the worker toward specific buttons or actions. The technology is helpful as such gestures remain stationary even if the worker moves about vigorously.

The company also remarked regarding another vital feature of its specialised glasses. According to a statement, users of the glasses will not have to readjust their gazes and move about to follow information that is displayed virtually. In a move away from this norm, the VPS 19 has been engineered to exhibit all information within the line of sight of users. It is a feature aimed to help reduce eye fatigue and proffers a more seamless experience.

The technology will function within all types of lighting levels. It can also be used to record data, sharing information with others and conducting the analysis of such information. Users can also utilise the system to communicate with external parties located anywhere around the globe. The system can run for upwards of eight hours, and users can also choose to run it continually by changing batteries.

The system also comes with a cockpit feature which can be accessed through browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Explorer. It will feature at the Sands Expo during CES 2019.




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