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Vodafone to Launch Nreal Light MR Glasses to Deliver Unique Augmented Reality and Mix Reality Experience

Vodafone to Launch Nreal Light MR Glasses to Deliver Unique Augmented Reality and Mix Reality Experience
According to the latest report, telecom giant Vodafone is likely to launch the most awaited Nreal Light mixed reality glass across Europe. The decision is supposed to be a part of the company’s initiative of delivering Mix reality and Augmented reality experiences through optimum speed and ultra-low latency Gigabit 5G network.

The company is planning to launch Nreal Light across Germany and Spain by Spring, 2021 and they are likely to launch it in other markets later. Nreal Light MR glasses feature exclusive technology, and it will deliver an IMAX-like experience. The most unique thing is that users can wear it on a regular basis just like goggles.



When it comes to specialty, one must admit the glasses are way different from what is available in the present market, and a vast improvement is currently going on to make it more unique. This is the first time, consumers are likely to get mixed reality smart glasses at an affordable price, and the company is trying to provide top quality mixed reality and augmented reality experience.

If readers are wondering what the special features are, they are likely to comprise image tracking, plane detection, and 6 degrees of freedom tracking that you can’t find elsewhere.



Nreal Augmented Reality will take the users to a new world, where they can explore, move, and even communicate with their surroundings. The exclusive technology overlays digital applications so that users can see a realistic visual on the screens, and the manufacturer is likely to take it to a new height by adding mixed reality applications to the existing features.

It is possible to overlay the content on a visible real-world atmosphere, which will result in an exceptional experience worth remembering. Enabling this feature won’t affect the interaction with 3D objects, and the mixed reality glass is likely to be compatible with most of the Android devices allowing users to experience AR like never before.



Whenever users will connect Nreal Light to a compatible device, they will be allowed to do a wide range of things starting from playing videos, watching TV, browsing the web, playing games to even shopping with a unique virtual experience.

Multitasking is possible during the experience and users will be allowed to open up to 3 applications at a time. According to the latest press release issued by Vodafone, the company is likely to collaborate with Nreal to work on exclusive immersive Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality applications for enterprise and users.

Right now, Vodafone is working on a couple of projects, and they are trying to introduce mixed reality and augmented reality applications for commercial purposes. Their primary target is to introduce AR and MR for engineering, manufacturing, conference calling, and assembly processes in near future.

Apart from this, mixed reality can be used in the fields like remote technical support, training, retail, and virtual showrooms, which will bring a change for sure. The Developer Kit of Nreal Light is presently available at the market, and developers can start working on building their own MR applications for a better tomorrow.


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