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Varjo’s XR now supports Unity & Unreal

Varjo, a provider of high-quality VR/XR gear and software, recently announced support for programmes built using Unity and Unreal Engine on its Varjo Reality Cloud service.

Varjo’s Reality Cloud service is a corporate SaaS platform that is ready to be used and offers real-time VR/XR cloud stream features to approved devices at any given moment and location for corporate users.

The technology makes it easier for users of VR and XR applications to interact with each other and to participate in 3D undertakings. Varjo-only capabilities like foveated rendering, and human-eye resolution visual fidelity streaming, supported by Reality Cloud, enable rich MR encounters.

According to Varjo, the service is currently being utilised by Rivian, KIA Motors, Volvo Cars, and other businesses building upon their VR/XR operations.

Varjo Reality Cloud streaming for VR/XR material with human-eye quality was made available some time back, along with Autodesk VRED support. With the new development, currently, there is additional capacity for extremely demanding apps run on Unreal Engine and Unity.

Among the most well-known engines used today for application development are Unity and Unreal Engine. Both of these are regarded as essential tools for individuals who are working on 3D modelling projects. Designers, architects, and programmers are now getting the ability to stream high-resolution XR/VR content created with Unity and Unreal Engine through Varjo Reality Cloud across a variety of industries, including healthcare, gaming, and entertainment.

The ability for users to distribute VR/XR experiences across departments and platforms and expand exponentially across businesses, which can enable intuitive VR/XR usage for different roles, geographies, and infrastructure, is one of the benefits of adopting Varjo’s platform, according to the company.

Urho Konttori, co-founder and CTO of Varjo, said that Varjo has figured out how to transmit VR/XR content immersively. Varjo Reality Cloud is the first company in the market to successfully implement cloud streaming across several separate devices and applications. According to Konttori, the company simplifies how businesses go about launching their industrial metaverse strategy. He also elaborated further, saying that with the integration of Unity and Unreal Engine, the company is thrilled to bring Varjo Reality Cloud to the development sector.

Additionally, Varjo Reality Cloud sessions will allow attendees to stream sophisticated programmes across well-liked iOS apps on the mobile platform, Windows desktop computers, and many other VR headsets powered by computers from the early phase of next year. These are supported devices along with the proprietary range of VR headsets by the company. Additionally, Varjo has announced that it would support niche producers for mobile and PC systems as well as untethered VR/AR headsets in the future.

Varjo Reality Cloud, which supports cloud streaming for Unreal Engine and Unity, is now offered for USD $299 a month, per user. A three-month deal with the Varjo Reality Cloud will additionally be included with the purchase of a Varjo Aero headset for USD $2,690 for the buyers.

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