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Toledo’s GPRS Makes Effort for AR Adoption by NFL

TruePoint Laser Scanning’s acquisition brings this Toledo-based nationwide business into the spotlight.

Football supporters this season will be able to witness their teams playing and enjoying their sports broadcasts in scintillating three-dimensional mixed reality (MR) graphics. The players will appear to be jumping off from the field of play to their screens. This is being powered by GPRS, a technology firm based out of Toledo, and its newly acquired innovation i.e. TruePoint Laser Scanning. They are getting the experience of a lifetime.

Clips of the Baltimore squad’s iconic raven darting into the ledge on the rafters at M&T Bank Stadium is one of the impressive sights that the audiences will enjoy. They can also marvel at the visuals of a large virtual panther taking a walk across the roof of the Bank of America Stadium. It has gained viral status recently with multi-million views across the Internet. The videos showcase the skill and technical prowess of GPRS and TruePoint, for clients including The Famous Group; also a company in the MR graphics space and catering solutions for the NFL.

The new technology conducts in-depth scans of every corner of different sports arenas, stadiums, playing fields and courts, such as those belonging to organisations like MLB, NFL, NHL and the PGA. The scans are then used to design and render highly accurate 3D representations that are worked upon by special FX specialists to make lifelike 3D images.

Greg Harvey from the Famous Group revealed information about the difficulties faced during the Baltimore Ravens project development phase. He said that The capacity of CGI elements to interact with the physical world adds to the authenticity of mixed reality offerings.

Portions of the arena were surveyed using a laser to attain such a feat. He said that there was scanning done on many objects such as the playing field, the goal posts, and the vertical panels.

All of the accumulated data was then processed on a computer system. In the visual where the bird is sitting on the stadium’s uprights, it perfectly wraps the crossbar with its claws, whilst its wings can be seen right behind.

TruePoint has been given the responsibility by The Famous Group for carrying out all tasks right from designing an intricate 3D model of a sculpture known as the “Gentle Giant,” a prototype used for the creation of the 3D Panther of the North Carolina team. The scanning technology has also been utilised for performing full-fledged scans of the SoFi Stadium in L.A. to facilitate the impressive mixed reality effects for Super Bowl LVI. It showcased many remarkable visuals like that of celebrity Halle Berry and a full render of the L.A. Memorial Coliseum. Viewers were also greeted by the sight of the Vince Lombardi Trophy being carried to the centrefield with the help of virtual drones.

All the impressive visuals and real-time interactions with fans were made possible by the 3D models, scans, and point clouds facilitated by the joint efforts of the Toledo-based firm and Truepoint.

The teams of both the companies include multiple former collegiate and pro footballers, as well as sports enthusiasts.

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