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The Mall of America shows Mixed Reality as a new thrilling reality

Ellie, the Shopping Hologram Concierge in the Mall of America, allows shoppers to communicate with Al in the most fun way. Ellie assists the purchasers to search a gift for their dear ones and also enriches the creativity of the young kids. Mall of America is an experiential goods station. The VP of marketing stated that to make the most use of multi-communication chatbox, VNTANA’s hologram technology is the best way. Introduced last year, this technology provides fun interaction and also helps customers to find better ideas.

VTANANA invented Ellie, and this technology is used in the Mall of America. Quite different from the rest, its four points are highlighted.

Ellie — The Shopping Hologram Concierge At The Mall Of America

Easy experimentation and must be appreciated

A ton of credit goes to the Mall of America. Ellie’s advancement towards current and unexplored stations is one such experiment. Businesses that are spontaneous to try new ventures, to receive good responses along with the bad, are leading the competition, concerning what the future holds. The Mall of America changes a Tron-like idea into something innovative and unique which is enjoyable and helpful. With such experiments, it will only move forward.


Personal and customised Al

Right now, “customisation” has become one of the favourite words in the business. It is convenient to discuss IBM Watson, Alexa and others, but things become more interesting when all these artificial intelligence setups become visually alive in the near future. VNTANA explains that the how customisation comes to life visually is as crucial to think about as the suppressed Al that commands the answers that individual ask.

When Technology is superb, it removes friction

Recently, Ellie assists the purchasers to search gifts for the holiday season. What if it could do something more? You cannot judge technology on what it functions today, instead, you should search for what the technology is capable to do. The best litmus test is to ask how can you make your parents’ lives easier with a shopping technology. For instance, image a virtual Santa, who is interacting with the kids and learning their wishes for Christmas. In the background, Al works to understand the kids’ wishes, and then, sending a message to parents’ mobiles. Mall can then asks the parents which wish they want to fulfil so that they can wrap the gifts, which they can find in the cars. With such potentials of Ellie, the planet can become a convenient place to stay

Now technology focus more on entertainment than consumption

Technology should not always force users to purchase items. It can even a source of motivation and entertainment. One of the favourite features of Ellie is children taking Mall of America selfies with VNTANA. The only thing that separates a physical buying experience and a digital experience is the fun of being at somewhere. Technology is the reason that can help you stay at your home and enjoy shopping from your couch.

When mixed reality is done well, it gives the opportunity to people to go to any places. It is a new world that waits, and it has nothing “mixed” in it.

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