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The Largest Retail Chain in Europe Combines Israeli’s Mixed Place and MR Content

A start-up of Israeli, Mixed Place, which has created a technology for building MR, has accomplished projects being associated with Europe’s two biggest retail chains- Ahold-Delhaize, Belgian based worldwide food-chain; and Billa, Pan-European supermarket chain. By using the organisation’s technology for promoting the campaign, these chains aimed at increasing buyers loyalty, sales and communication.

The first stage of developing an AR cloud system is already completed by Mixed Place. This will allow an array of commercial bodies to create digital content based on location conveniently, either moving or stationary. With the final stage of development and execution of the project, Mixed Place has raised seven million dollars to grow the next level of technology and sell it globally. The infrastructure technology of Mixed Place is offered to advertising agencies and retail chains which are competent enough to disseminate content worldwide. The upcoming stage visualises the firm letting the technology avail by new companies worldwide.


Alon Melchner, who established WakingApp and AR/VR, also founded Mixed Place. He along with Eitan Yurnam, an experienced cloud evangelist, submitted fifteen patents, maximum of which will have essential breakthroughs. The new technology enables to place the three-dimensional content in a similar style at any location globally and allows accessibility depending on the location of the user. This technology understands and delineates the physical location and places the items in their fixed points that eventually emerge as reality, with no time restriction.

In the upcoming week, Mixed Place will demonstrate the infrastructure of its technology at two reputable conferences which are to be held in the US. One is the Venture Summit | West 2019 investment conference that will occur in San Francisco in 6th & 7th March and Shoptalk 2019 in Las Vegas from 3rd to 6th March.

Almost 15 start-up firms along with Mixed Place are selected to illustrate their technology to a hundred capital organisations which are leading the Silicon Valley. Over the last few years, we have seen a steep rise in the growth of AR and VR. MR (Mixed Reality) combines both the AR and VR, building unique environments and pictures where real and digital items exist at the same time and interact. The thrill of MR that prevails globally continues to perform better with the moguls of the industry such as Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and Google

Mixed Place’s founder and CEO, Alon Melchner assumes that in the next few years MR will dominate everyone’s lives and everyone will encounter it on a regular basis. According to him, the infrastructure of Mixed Place will allow the growth of a number of apps which will be linked to fresh technologies such as loT, smart cities, AI and 5G. There will be layers of objects and information which are either moving or stationary in an area and will be shown as per the location of the user.

For instance, the organisation’s technology will permit the establishment of a shoe store at a mall, which will be empty and have no furniture. But the store will have a display of “live” commodities in pre-determined areas in the store. The products will look real and buyers will enjoy the facility to view the display at their convenience, experiencing no changes in the store.

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