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Perspectus providing VR Education

With the opening of a special virtual reality (VR) lab this fall, students at the University of Charleston in West Virginia (UCWV) will be able to study human physiology in 3D.

This is made possible by a collaboration with Perspectus, Inc., a virtual and mixed reality technology company based in Colorado.

President Marty Roth of the University of Charleston said that the use of virtual reality technology to improve the learning capabilities of students is an exciting one for the institution. Elaborating further, he said that it was common knowledge that the Perspectus demo would revolutionise fundamental courses like Anatomy and Physiology and speciality healthcare programmes like Physician Assitant, Radiology and Nursing, immediately after the offering was tested. The fully adjustable, three-dimensional visualisation significantly increases pupils’ comprehension levels. Additionally, by collaborating with entities in the hospital and healthcare space, the institution can include the material that students will encounter throughout their medical schooling, practical learning options, and internships. All of these can help them to improve their job readiness.

The UCWV lab which finished recently is set to become among the most sophisticated VR Education Labs across the United States. It currently includes 30 sophisticated systems and high-resolution headsets for Perspectus VR connectivity. By the early phase of 2023, the lab will be used in several initiatives, such as those in biology, nursing, physician assistant and radiology sciences. It will have a limited release this year.

Users of Perspectus VR may alter anatomical structures, observe them from every aspect, and increase them to any size in a virtual environment. To demonstrate the interconnected elements of blood vessels, bones and muscles, they can add or remove multiple layers and even colour those quite differently. Consumers may also render radiological images of patients, including MRI or CT scans, so they can see them in actual three dimensions.

Erick Miranda, Perspectus’s Chief Operating Officer, commented on the VR offering. He said that when pupils are presented with two-dimensional representations of three-dimensional systems, there will always be difficulty in communicating and interpreting, regardless of how realistic a book or digital graphic is. By displaying visuals as they would appear in reality, Perspectus VR solves this problem and eliminates the need to convert the information. Perspectus VR improved 87% of students’ grasp of spatial linkages and physiological systems throughout initial trials at Colorado State University in Fort Collins.

Scott Terry, CIO at the University of Charleston, said that the institute is always investigating the newest advanced technologies that can promote learning and advance its students to the pinnacle in their discipline of study. According to him, with the aid of the new VR lab, efforts are being made beyond helping students nurture their analytical abilities for catering to appropriate care. He thinks that it will also get aspirants ready for a future where technology will facilitate access to and elevate the calibre of healthcare services.

With its unique software platform, Perspectus, Inc., the market leader in VR, offers VR solutions to users in higher education, healthcare, and business.

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