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Omniversity announced new online MR museum

The first Mixed Reality University in Romania, Omniversity, was formed in 2020 by Ioana Mischie and Andra Bria with the intention of producing projects that blend teaching and pleasure, a mix that is known as edutainment. Omniversity is starting, with the help of AFCN, a revolutionary Mixed Reality (MR) experience capable of changing abstract artwork into a comprehensible language that a worldwide base of viewers can understand.

One of the first to wonder if sculpture should capture a subject’s soul or only its particular picture was Constantin Brâncuşi. A global manifesto was born out of the question. What is the function of sculpture in the context of new technologies, as well as what function the role of the technology in the context of sculpture is one of the issues that Omniversity continues to pose to art and technology enthusiasts in Infinituri. Some of the questions being addressed are how the sculpture will be kept, and how it will be preserved over time. The relationship between physical and digital sculpture is also being explored.

Numerous foreign sculptors subsequently imitated the distinctive modular depiction of the infinite that Brâncuși produced. With the use of 3D sculptural modules, the creative team from Omniversity seeks to broaden this method by inviting young people to curate and design their own renditions of the infinite. The sculptures created by each player might be seen as a figurative self-portrait, an avatar, as well as an attempt to philosophically represent the infinite.

Professionals with several awards are included on the development team, including 3D artists, interactive technology experts, advisors for modern sculpture, and specialists for contemporary architecture. Ioana Mischie is responsible for the experience’s theorising and guidance, whilst also Andra Bria wrote the screenplay and oversaw the UX Design, Tammy Lovin handled the art direction and the 3D configurations, Emil Drăgan handled the interactive design and the 3D adaptations, Andreea Clar handled the graphic design and the UI, and Ina Bozdog handled the sound design. The New Craft is in charge of creating the website. The Storyscapes Association and Studio set is providing creative support for the project.

The technology employed is mixed reality (MR), a dynamic and interactive solution that may be used for learning, testing, and amusement. MR is the ideal instrument for boosting motivation, attention, spatial imagination, and perception. When disassembling and reassembling the modular sculptures, the user-creator follows an intuitive path while employing hand-tracking technology.

Users may explore many dimensions inside the game, including instructive sculpture puzzles that they can uncover and then piece together, as well as their own 3D sculptures they make using the tridimensional modules the Omniversity team has suggested.

The Quest II headset from Oculus, which enables MR exploration, has been used for the project. Until November 15, 2022, anybody who intends to be invited to exploratory test sessions can sign up on the website at On November 20, 2022, the first demonstration of the interactive project will be shown at the University of Architecture’s MAC laboratory. Follow the official Facebook or Instagram pages for more information on the project’s events.

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