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New MR capabilities for Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Guidance platform

Microsoft has unveiled a plethora of new capabilities for its Dynamics 365 Guides platform for deskless employees as part of its effort to make mixed reality (MR) more approachable and simple for frontline workers worldwide.

Dynamics 365 Guides are step-by-step holographic instructions that employees can use to make sure processes are followed, boost productivity, and learn on the job. Users will be able to instantly interact with anybody, wherever in the globe, thanks to Microsoft’s integration of Teams features into the Guides platform in 2022. Moreover, users were able to make calls while wearing the HoloLens 2 mixed reality headset, enabling distant participants to see what the user is viewing via the HoloLens user’s eyes in real-time and comment on the 3D world around the HoloLens user using mixed reality.

When using Dynamics 365 Guides and Remote Help on a computer or mobile device, an expert may draw in three dimensions on the wearer’s view of the actual world via the HoloLens headset. By wearing the HoloLens, frontline employees will have the ability to digitally annotate their surroundings.

Users of the HoloLens could only draw on a distant, flat or semi-flat surface prior to the release of this upgrade. Users now have the ability to draw anywhere in their surroundings in 3D owing to recent developments in annotation technology. Drawings remain immobile in the environment in which they are placed, enabling viewers to walk around them and examine all of their facets in greater detail.

Annotations on surfaces have also undergone comparable enhancements to guarantee that they stay in their intended positions even when the user moves or modifies their position. These improvements have been made possible as a result of recent technological developments.

Thanks to Dynamics 365 Guides, users of HoloLens who join a Teams call now have access to additional pre-join choices. Prior to beginning a conversation, users have the ability to mute themselves and turn on or off the video feature. Users are still able to update these settings while they are in the meeting, the same as before. Because of this, frontline workers may use the HoloLens as their main calling device without compromising the level of security present in environments in which secrecy is of the utmost importance.

In addition, administrators now have the ability to regulate who may access devices and conduct calls as a result of newly introduced capabilities for restricted mode.

By adding a new action step that incorporates the new guide, Microsoft has made it possible to link directly across different guides. Users are now able to more easily navigate between many collections of training materials or guides, in a manner very similar to how they would go to a new web page by clicking on a hyperlink.

Microsoft has announced that further enhancements to Dynamics 365 Guides are on the way, and this comes as the company is working to expand the capabilities of its platform that are geared at frontline workers. You may discover more about the mixed reality offerings provided by Microsoft by going to this website.

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