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Morlen Health and GigXR collaborate to deliver MR training

The introduction of GigXR, Inc.’s new “Basic Life Support” (BLS) module for its HoloScenarios mixed reality (MR) program has been announced recently.

GigXR, Inc. is a worldwide supplier of holographic healthcare training. This hyper-immersive holographic training package was reportedly created by GigXR and Morlen Health of Northwest Permanente, P.C. The simulation’s high level of realism helps with the acquisition and retention of the fundamental skills required to provide basic life support.

With the help of mixed reality, the new module does a good job of simulating the need for quick treatment of a patient who needs CPR or an automated external defibrillator (AED). In order to enable authentic, safe-to-fail communication between participants and the patient in their real-world settings, learners may see and engage with both a hyper-realistic holographic patient going into cardiac arrest and the medical tools, such as AED devices.

Using the Gig Immersive Learning Platform, this module allows teachers to do remote training for emergency responders, doctors, nurses, medical students, and public safety officers. Students may participate in a holographic lecture from the same or other places, such as a simulation lab, a classroom, or even their own study area at home.

Dr. Patricia Ramos, Medical Director of the Center for Innovative Medical Simulation and Senior Emergency Physician at Kaiser Permanente Northwest, stated that through the company’s collaboration with GigXR on the HoloScenarios: Basic Life Support offering, its team has been able to integrate multiple mixed reality applications within simulation and anatomy for the first time. This has allowed them to teach a wide variety of essential skills using a hyper-realistic patient.

Each of the two scenarios in the module enables teachers to choose a different level of difficulty to accommodate different training needs or situations. For a more in-depth examination of the anatomy and physiology behind the circumstances that lead to the need for BLS or to reinforce the anatomical justifications for acts within BLS, instructors may make use of the platform’s accompanying apps. HoloHuman may be used by teachers to demonstrate, for instance, the importance of AED pad positioning in the event that a cardiac shock is required. Holograms and heart animations that are structurally correct show the effects different heart illnesses have on the organ.

According to Micah Thorp, MD, DO, President of Morlen Health and Vice President of Business Strategy for Northwest Permanente, conventional CPR training and simulation labs need large resources, both at the infrastructural and faculty levels. A partnership with GigXR will make it easier for medical organisations to provide accessible, globally accessible, and fully immersive holographic instruction for their teachers and students.

The Gig Immersive Learning Platform’s library of mixed reality apps continues to grow with the inclusion of Basic Life Support. The business claims that its partners at Morlen Health and the University of Michigan are working on Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and neurology settings, and that other top hospitals and universities are ready to help GigXR extend its use. All of GigXR’s current and planned modules are interoperable, so teachers may use different tools in the same class to enhance students’ understanding of a topic.

GigXR CEO Jared Mermey remarked that it is with great pride that we announce our collaboration with Morlen Health to increase the depth of training content available through the HoloScenarios app and to use immersive technology to democratise levels of realism that can supplement and even replace more conventional simulation approaches.

Users can now buy HoloScenarios: Basic Life Support and visit the business’s website to learn more about GigXR and its MR medical training options.

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