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Meta Quest Will Reportedly Integrate WhatsApp

According to media reports, the Quest headgear series will have improved connection to Meta’s series of applications.

It was reported recently that the highly regarded messaging service WhatsApp will be joining forces with the fantasy role-playing game Meta Quest in an upcoming iteration.

According to a prior announcement from the WABetaInfo publication, WhatsApp plans to offer Meta Quest features on smartphones and tablets as part of the application’s Google Play Beta Programme. Beta evaluation is not presently permitted since it is still being developed.

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Meta, has talked about hands-free capabilities via anecdotes previously. Among the glasses’ numerous capabilities is the ability to browse texts, make discreet phone calls, and protect communications.

The Menlo Park company hid hints about potential Meta Quest support in the release notes for version The business claims that the Quest 2 headgear is capable of being integrated to WhatsApp via authorised hardware connections.

The article also mentions that the revision will not formally link to the Quest since it is currently in progress.

The announcement arrives shortly after Zuckerberg’s senior team tempted spectators with the Quest 3 and before his Connect conference during the third quarter of last year. Furthermore, Meta’s shocking announcement came shortly prior to Apple’s WWDC 2023 presentation, when the revolutionary Vision Pro headgear was unveiled.

In Zuckerberg’s Quest 3 declaration, Meta Platforms said that it planned to release the innovative customer-oriented headgear before the conclusion of the current year. The new device will go up against industry-shaping gadgets like the Pico 4, HTC VIVE Elite Pro, and Apple Reality Pro.

Zuckerberg enticed social media users about the characteristics of the impending mixed reality (MR) headset in a recent Instagram post, in which he divulged the details. He said in the essay that the Quest 3 will provide greater resolutions, sleeker designs, and significant improvements to the device’s Meta Reality innovation.

A Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2+ processor and retrospective compatibility with hundreds of games available in the Meta Quest marketplace are other enhancements.

After the October 2017 Meta Quest Pro announcement, Meta also released more enhancements. At the time, he claimed that the consumer-focused Quest 3 gadget will be powered by the Meta Reality Platform, enabling seamless moves between augmented and virtual realities.

Zuckerberg said that the business seeks to provide enhanced interactions with others beyond those offered by mobile devices.

He pointed out that although the mixed reality industry is still young, it is expected to expand substantially during the next few years. Zuckerberg reasoned that by the end of Quest 3, such innovation will become standard for all headgear.

Despite intensifying rivalry from other companies, Meta has announced plans to develop the next wave of immersive technologies. Meta has encountered tremendous challenges in its pursuit of the metaverse, but the company is committed to maintaining its investment in R&D.

Further updates are expected in the near future regarding the development.

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