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Magic Leap To Lay Strong Focus on Brain Health with Mixed Reality SyncThink Collaboration

SyncThink, the neurotechnology firm has extended its range of solutions by entering the domain of Mixed Reality (MR), by forming a new partnership with immersive technology stalwart Magic Leap. SyncThink was previously a company that dealt with the use of Virtual Reality (VR) for assessing brain health, and also had an analytical eye tracking system. It is set to work with Mixed Reality headset creator Magic Leap, to facilitate reality-centred eye tracking for its users.

The Magic Leap is a Mixed Reality-based headset that deals with three-dimensional image projections, made on transparent lenses. It enables users to get immersed and still have a view of the real-world elements surrounding them. SyncThink intends to diversify the pathways of neurotechnology by utilising the power of the Magic Leap One headset’s spatial features and eye tracking support.

The combination of these two technologies will help Magic Leap and SyncThink to introduce mixed reality-based brain health and eye tracking analytics for real-world applications. The virtual reality-based system provided by SyncThink has been utilised for the purpose of head impact eye impairment tracking, in the disciplines of medicine and sports.

Sync Think is broadening their horizon by using VR and MR. Image credit to: SyncThink

NBA teams like the Golden State Warriors and the Atlanta Hawks have benefitted by utilising the offerings of SyncThink. The company has also worked with the University of Georgia and conducting research related to children’s hospitals presently. The company has received clearance from the FDA, with respect to its eye-tracking impairment technology.

As part of this partnership, the companies will use three-dimensional objects within the display view plane, to assist medical, rehab and athletic teams with the ability to track brain health data more effectively. Data-based analytics and practical movement will be utilised to read brain-related information.

The fundamental benefit of partnering with the MR technology of Magic Leap is the new ability to form purpose-specific interactive training patterns for brain performance within real-world environments, as opposed to virtual ones. – Laura Yecies, CEO of SyncThink

The Magic Leap one is a stellar example of an immersive technology wearable, in respect to revealing how people interact and react to different stimuli and their environments with mixed reality. According to Yecies, the principle of mixed reality plays an important role in the domain of sports, citing instances where professionals will be able to train and gauge skill-specific recovery through the performance of designated sports-related activities.

The companies are planning on adding specifically-designed methods to gain brief yet comprehensive assessments of factors like depth perception, balance, convergence, and proprioception, in the cases of concussions of injuries. Magic Leap and SyncThink are also considering the possibility of being able to track body position and gait as well.

Virtual reality has already found considerable usage for training and medical purposes in today’s world. Mixed reality is following in its footsteps, and will enable future medical professionals and trainers to effectively treat athletes, patients, and other groups. It is a developmental partnership set to cause ripples in the MR and VR spheres.

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