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Lessons of the Google Glass: Look Beyond the XR Hype

About five years back, it was declared that Google Glass will bring a transformation to the world in future. But soon after that, people came to the realisation that the reality of Google Glass could not match up to the hype that it had created. This happened due to the fact that the thing was quite expensive, fulfilled no use-case and invaded into the personal space. It did not make a difference in anybody’s life when Google ceased to sell this apparently revolutionary object back in 2015.

The Misstep of Google Glass Has Created a Buzz Amongst Business Leaders
The high-profile failure of the object has made many business leaders quite wary. According to a recent research, most of the C-suite executives have shown interest in the extended reality or XR technologies, namely augmented, mixed and virtual realities. As per the analysts at Gartner, around twenty per cent of large enterprise businesses will make a way for XR technologies by the end of 2019.
Maynard Williams, the managing director of Accenture Technology says that when his company had conducted a study in 2018, it was revealed that around twenty-seven percent executives are of the opinion their respective organisations should be a pioneer in XR solutions. Williams says that immersive experiences into planned forays at the present will most certainly give an edge to the capabilities which will be needed to transform the industry in the future.

Business leaders always look out for greener pastures which will provide them with a significant improvement. However, the misstep of the Google Glass is considered as one of the most overhyped tech products which have made the corporate people question and ultimately become wary about the lofty promises delivered by the XR. Naji El Arifi is of the opinion that after the failure of Google Glass, the corporate community has grown immensely cautious of the technology. The companies have taken a lesson from that and are considering things slower than usual. He stresses the potential factor of mature XR and is of the opinion that a thorough understanding of the digital and the real world is needed to bring them together seamlessly.

After the failure of Google Glass, the corporate community has grown immensely cautious of the technology – Naji El Arifi

XR Can Go Down Due to Hyped Marketing
Karl Maddix thinks that there are a lot of untruthful elements in the marketing. People get excited by the prospect of XR changing and revolutionising our lives in the future as shown by captivating videos, but more often than not, it lacks substance in it. Though the generated hype does attract investors, the people who are on the front line and are interested in solution building will not get material from the hyped marketing. Jeremy Dalton contests that XR is the kind of technology which before being understood, needs to be tried.

Currently, the world is stuck in an age-old version of the XR. It is advisable for the business leaders to look beyond the hype and put their focus on the maturing XR.

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