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Honda ‘Dream Drive’ Offers Voice-based Mixed Reality Experience

Automobile manufacturer Honda has created a voice-controlled application experience for its latest vehicles. The company is planning to create advanced entertainment solutions for users while they are not driving.

Honda is transforming its vehicles into full-fledged connected UI offerings. The automaker recently showcased its “Dream Drive” in-vehicle technology concept during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), giving user bases an idea regarding what such applications and other in-built devices can be used in a future where cars drive themselves.

The exhibit showed a drive of the Honda Odyssey in the city of Las Vegas while offering a demo involving interfaces of Apple Carplay-based applications, for both passengers and for drivers.

Honda Innovations, used several “OK, Honda” voice-based commands for accessing the hands-free driver UI. This particular user interface can also be accessed from a tablet-sized touch screen present on the vehicle’s dashboard. – John Moon, Managing Director of Strategic Partnerships

Honda claims that the implementation of this technology will create an increasingly focused experience for drivers, and reduce distractions by displaying all required information objectively. Moon proceeded to utilise voice commands for searching the availability of nearby parking spots, and launch a food orders list through the Grubhub application to ensure fast reordering of a meal.

The update Honda infotainment user interface now comes with channels like Yelp, iHeartRadio, Chevron, among others. Currently, the automaker giant is on the process of adding additional integrated tasks to its immersive development, including movie ticket booking. It is also gearing up to bring in various other partner applications to the platform, which is compatible with Android Auto and Carplay.

Moon made it clear that Honda was not trying to emulate Yelp, but looking forward to working with the company instead.

The new development also contains its own integrated digital payments wallet to facilitate instantaneous purchases. The wallet feature will be known as Honda Pay. Moon himself demonstrated the feature with the help of voice commands, by paying for a restaurant reservation, purchasing gas or making several other transactions.

Dream Drive by Honda is also offering up many perks for passengers as well. According to Moon, the company is laying a focus on defining how passengers will spend their time within cars when most cars will run on auto mode instead of manual.

Honda is also including backseat tablets with a comprehensive entertainment system with many downloadable games, books, search, TV and movie content, and more. In addition, there will be reward programs and game points for users. All devices support the download application.

Passengers can play one of the various mixed reality games during their journeys. Such gaming applications are integrated with the real-time mechanics of a car, to create scenarios where cars, objects, and buildings become the surrounding live content.

The main hindrances for incorporating advanced technology into vehicles are the concerns of security. Regarding its latest Dream Drive and associated technologies, Honda’s Moon has stated that the company makes full-scale efforts to make all its digital offerings additionally secure, citing built-in security features.

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