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GigXR’s Immersive Learning Offering Expands its Capabilities by Partnering with Professionals from ANIMA RES

Learners can now watch holographic versions of organs such as lungs, hearts and kidneys in vivid mixed reality settings and study various diseases.

ANIMA RES, a pioneering 3D medical animation and interactive virtual reality, mixed reality, and augmented reality stalwart, and GigXR, a global extended Reality solutions provider for healthcare training, recently announced their partnership to deliver XR coaching to higher education and care institutions.

ANIMA RES’ celebrated Insight Series will be integrated into the realm of the GigXR Immersive Learning Platform, allowing the students to visualise high-quality three-dimensional holograms of the lungs, heart and kidneys in a mixed reality setting.  They’ll even be able to see numerous disease states and their effects on the organ under investigation. Starting in the summer of 2022, Insight Kidney, Insight Heart, and Insight Lung, with GigXR technology, will be available.

The holograms from ANIMA RES are distinguished by their hyper-realistic look and the precision of their structural movement. For example, in the heart application, learners can get a closer look at atrial fibrillation, myocardial infarction or heart attack, and arterial hypertension, as well as, observe an accurate representation of how the heart muscle gets affected by different conditions. This is not possible with two-dimensional training methods or within the confines of a cadaver lab.

ANIMA RES CIO and Co-Founder Rodrigo Olmos remarked that mixed reality anatomy holograms integrate the highlights of both analogue and digital-based healthcare instruction. He stressed that this is important for trainees to have both types of instructions as they will be working with real people. According to Olmos that is quite different from experimenting with a simulation puppet or corpse. Using the realistic digital simulation based on a living individual has ramped up the level of attraction and attention to detail. As a result, the students are getting a far better experience as they learn. Olmos said that the detail is very important since studies show that the more detail in realistic organs enhances the effectiveness of learning.

Pablo Olmos, CEO and Co-Founder, ANIMA RES, stated that by collaborating with GigXR to bring the company’s realistic holograms to the latter’s platform, the team could diversify and grow across sectors including higher education. He emphasised that the company is leveraging the global-level presence of GigXR to reach beyond geographical barriers.

The Insight Series apps from ANIMA RES have a long and storied history of generating cutting-edge 3D interactive content. It was featured at an Apple Keynote event in 2017 and received several honours, including the prestigious German Medical Award. The Insight Series is set to be available on the GigXR Immersive Learning Platform. This platform also houses hyper-realistic healthcare training apps developed in collaboration with distinguished medical instructors at establishments like the University of Cambridge, Michigan Medicine, and Northwest Permanente P.C.

In summer 2022, GigXR and ANIMA RES expect to release Insight Heart by ANIMA RES, with technology by GigXR. Following that will be the unveiling of the Insight Lung and Insight Kidney apps. Visit for some more information regarding GigXR. Visit ANIMA RES at for more information.


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