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FitXR Introduces Voice Commands, Making VR Fitness More Accessible to Users

The recent introduction of voice navigation technology to FitXR’s existing adaptive fitness curriculum can potentially revolutionize VR fitness.

Last month, the VR community was presented with a host of new and exciting upgrades during the Facebook Connect event. The social media giant Facebook not only revealed its new name (Meta) but also announced a brand-new suite of developer tools. The founder and CEO of the company, Mark Zuckerberg, said that these updates will pave the future of the proposed Metaverse and serve as its foundation. Among the tools, one promising release was Voice SDK. This will enable developers to build voice-driven games and experiences.

VR fitness
FitXR, one of the leading VR fitness experiences, has already showcased the power of voice command. The popular fitness VR app features an impressive set of full-body cardio workouts led by a group of highly motivated and talented instructors.

New features
In FitXR app. Users can now utilize voice commands to easily look for a specific set of workouts or a session with their favorite trainer. The goal of this implementation, according to the company, is to make the user experience more seamless and motivate people to get more interested in VR fitness.

Bojan Wilytsch, Product Design Manager at FitXR told that the introduction of voice command can have a potential impact on not only just his company but on the VR fitness industry as a whole. According to him, FitXR as a company is always looking for unique interaction models to offer their users a better experience. As soon as the company got their hands on the newly launched voice SDK, it was only a matter of time before they implemented it into their fitness classes. And it was obvious that the new feature would be a game-changer for the subscribers, said Wilytsch.

Wilytsch also added that the implementation of voice command will help the company to reduce access friction and, in turn, realize the vision of making VR fitness more accessible. Only last month, FitXR introduced its first-ever set of adaptive fitness classes. Essentially, they are six seated fitness experiences specifically designed for people with injuries, disabilities, or any kind of mobility issues. Voice command is another tool that will make the adaptive fitness classes more accessible to a larger group of people and make the experience more inclusive. There are still lots of possible areas that FitXR needs to explore to make the app shine. But the integration of Voice SDK definitely takes the experience one step closer to its vision of making the best VR fitness experience possible for all.

New technology
Using voice command as a navigation tool is neither a unique nor a groundbreaking concept in today’s age of smart devices. However, this is something new for virtual reality. Wilytsch stated that the company, along with the greater community of VR fitness, is hopeful that this new technology will soon find its place in the domain of immersive experience. Although there are yet several obstacles to be overcome, such as privacy, connectivity, and language, it will soon become a driving force in VR technology.

FitXR is available on Oculus App Store for free. A monthly subscription fee ($9.99/month) is required to access the full set of HIIT, boxing, and dance workouts.

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