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Arcadia—the Mixed Reality Competition Arena for Gamers and Athletes to Launch Later This Year

The wait is over. Arcadia—the world’s first-ever mixed reality arena is all set to launch later this year. After three years of rigorous research conducted in the utmost secrecy, the promising stadium-sized mixed reality competition will soon host its first Arcadia Competition to find the Arcadia Champion.

While “stadium-sized mixed reality competition” sounds novel, it is also intriguing at the same time. It is essentially an intense, competitive physical experience that will challenge gamers and athletes in various rounds.

Arcade Gaming and VR

Arcadia has reportedly combined the idea of arcade gaming and virtual reality technology with the experience of conventional physical sports to deliver an exclusive immersive experience. In this TRON-inspired competition, contenders will have to race through a unique virtual gauntlet filled with an array of obstacles, such as cavernous pits and moving platforms. It is much like a conventional video game. But, instead of controlling an avatar using a usual gamepad, contenders will have to physically run through a 10,000 square foot game arena.

Cutting-edge technology

The stunning Arcadia platform is reportedly powered by Samos Arena—the company’s proprietary Inside-Out tracking technology. This cutting-edge technology, coupled with advanced wireless VR hardware (e.g., Oculus Quest or Oculus Quest 2) lets the contenders navigate through large-scale virtual playgrounds synced to an enormous real-world playing arena. Besides the proprietary tracking system, Arcadia has also developed its own camera system that enables the audience to see exactly what they are playing within the virtual world.

Physically navigate within the platform

Chris Olimpo, CEO and co-founder of Arcadia, described the platform as a mixed-reality arena where competitors can jump, run, dodge obstacles, and even tackle other contenders if they want to. They do not have to use a joystick or a controller to move around within the arena. Rather, they will physically navigate within the platform. He also says that the games on this platform are inspired by both classic arcade games and popular contemporary sports. The challenges are fairly easy to understand. However, they take substantial skills to hone them.

First-Ever Arcadia Champion

The platform is launched to find testers for the games. Hence, the idea of looking for the first-ever Arcadia Champion. And it is safe to say that the idea has been fairly successful. To date, the company has registered more than a thousand sign-ups, mostly from college students. Sorting from the lot, Arcadia has released the list of their Top 12 challengers to participate in its “Alpha 12 Test Team”. Following the efficacious outcome of the Alpha 12, Arcadia will be conducting an elaborate 6-city tour or “The Arcadia Trials” to find its first Arcadia Champion. The virtual competition will be broadcasted online via mixed reality. The broadcast will also feature the live stream from POV cameras assigned to each contender.

The tournament is scheduled for the last quarter of 2021. Those interested in the tournament can vote for their city to be selected as a destination for the tour. For more information, you can visit Arcadia’s website.

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