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Apple’s MR Vision Pro Headset Is Scheduled for 2024 Release

Apple Could Release Its Vision Pro Mixed Reality Headset in February

Apple is going all out in its attempt to enter the mixed reality space. As per sources, the company has escalated production of its Vision Pro headset in China, setting the stage for a first release in early 2024. Following the launch of the Apple Watch several years back, this marks Apple’s first foray into a completely new category, and the company is being cautious.

Speaking with Bloomberg, people with knowledge of the situation said that manufacturing of Vision Pro has been operating at maximum capacity at Chinese facilities for a few weeks. By the end of January, customer-bound units should be prepared, and the following month is set aside for the retail launch. This ambitious time frame serves as even more evidence of Apple’s dedication to the Vision Pro and its goals in the MR arena.

Apple recently issued an email to software developers urging them to get prepared for the Vision Pro by evaluating their applications with the newest tools and sending them for suggestions, which added to the excitement around the launch. This action suggests that the VisionOS system, which will drive the headgear, is almost finished. Any fresh hardware system must have a healthy software environment to succeed, and Apple is committed to having a solid selection when it launches.

It is anticipated that Apple’s most intricate launch event to date will be the Vision Pro deployment. This is because the item is unique and needs completely different gear and sales methods. According to reports, Apple is updating its retail locations to make room for the Vision Pro, adding rooms specifically designated for demonstrations and facilities for customised fitting and installation. More storage space and additional fixtures are required for attachments including head belts, lighting seals, and glasses with prescriptions because of the headset’s various sizes and combinations.

Kuo, who is often a trustworthy source for Apple intelligence, continues by stating that the Vision Pro is the most significant item for Apple in 2024 and that 500 thousand copies should be shipped over the course of the year to come.

Almost every writer and analyst covering Apple in the business has attempted to forecast the release date of the mixed reality headset. Bloomberg most recently said that gadgets would in fact begin delivering to customers in the latter part of January.

Apple wants to see a range of developers release applications for the Vision Pro from the outset in addition to finishing the hardware. Naturally, it will persuade more individuals to provide the required sum of money for the device.

Spatial footage that has been captured with 3D features integrated into it, indicating that it has a good possibility of turning into the killer application for the Vision Pro, which is the main explanation why most buyers decide to get one.

There are rumours that one may need to physically visit a shop in order to get one of the Vision Pro headgear. Previous leaks have shown how Apple plans to offer this pricey piece of gear in its own retail outlets.

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