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XR immersive library for management education launched by INSEAD

The INSEAD XR Portal has officially launched, according to reports from the company. The cutting-edge platform has the largest collection of virtual reality (VR)-based learning experiences in the whole world, along with a complete solution to deliver these immersive learning experiences to schools all around the world.

A notable advancement in educational technology can be seen in INSEAD XR. It delivers an XR-based solution that is scalable, affordable, and user-friendly and increases the impact of learning by making it more interesting and memorable. Twenty VR experiences covering a variety of management subjects are accessible via the site.

More than 40 academic members at INSEAD are either actively participating in the creation of VR experiences or have started utilizing INSEAD XR in their research or teaching. Three academic institutions have signed up with INSEAD XR to begin incorporating VR lessons into their curriculum, and there are continuing preparations for other universities to follow.

According to INSEAD Dean Professor Francisco Veloso, in terms of management education innovation, INSEAD has always been on the cutting edge. The INSEAD XR offers yet another brand-new path for growth and creativity. We are happy to see that INSEAD XR is expanding industry research and understanding and boosting the impact of managerial training not just at INSEAD but also internationally in its capacity as The Business School for the World.

Ithai Stern, professor of strategy at INSEAD and academic director of the VR Immersive Learning Initiative, was the driving force behind the development of INSEAD XR for academic or business partners. The 2023 Strategic Management Society (SMS) Educational Impact Award was given to Stern at the most recent SMS Annual Conference in Toronto in recognition of his innovative contributions to teaching.

The prestigious medal recognises those who have made outstanding contributions to the quality and creativity of strategic management training. Stern was hailed as a champion for VR educational experiences as a result of his efforts organising a global coalition of business school professors dedicated to creating and incorporating VR content into managerial education.

According to Stern, the XR library extends beyond the display of digital cases. To achieve the required learning objectives, it offers ready-to-use, easily implementable immersive learning technologies or customised solutions. It is a complete solution for corporate and academic colleagues.

The Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) and an agreement with AVRIS enable the use of INSEAD XR for managerial education and exploratory academic studies.

At the INSEAD Middle East Campus in Abu Dhabi, the INSEAD Immersive Learning Initiative convened the first annual meeting of the global XR community in June, bringing together academics from across the world who are utilizing and creating VR for research and teaching. The INSEAD San Francisco Hub for Business Innovation will host the second edition in April 2024.

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