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Warner Bros. Releases Kid-Friendly Batman Game in AR

Join Batman and his tech-savvy band of vigilantes to fight supervillains in augmented reality.
Warner Bros. has recently released Batman Bat-Tech Edition—a new mobile gaming app themed after Batman and Gotham City. This is not just another ordinary mobile game. This time, you can team up with the Dark Knight and fight to save Gotham City in immersive AR.

While the follower of Batman come from all age groups, the AR mobile game is specifically designed for children aged 6-12. It features a wide range of technology-driven mini-games that kids can understand and play on their own. It offers an immersive experience replicating DC’s Superhero Universe where kids below 13 can enjoy maneuvering technology and have fun playing as an ally of their favorite superhero. The immersive game includes all the exciting stuff of augmented reality—from AR storytelling features to superhero costumes made with AR filters, from AR-based video content to digital comics, and much more than you can imagine.


Batman Bat-Tech Edition is a first-of-its-kind mobile gaming app. To date, no other kids-friendly mobile game offers an immersive AR experience. In this game, players will play the role of the members of the “Knightwatch”, the elite group of tech-savvy crime fighters who will join Batman in his quest to confront the greatest villains of Gotham, including The Riddler, the Joker, Mr. Freeze, and many more. In their campaign, they will use cutting-edge Bat-technology influenced by Mr. Lucius Fox, the legendary innovator, and CEO of Wayne Enterprises.

Most significant franchise

Pam Lifford, the President of WarnerMedia Global Brands & Experiences stated that Batman is one of the most significant franchises of DC. So, it is only fair to introduce the first-ever kids-friendly app featuring Batman. She also stated that both DC and Warner Bros.’ Consumer Product team chipped in to develop the cool Bat-tech gadgets and weapons. This is the best way to give the DC fans yet another engaging experience, Lifford remarked during the official press release.

10 AR missions

As reported during its launch, the Batman Bat-Tech Edition will feature 10 AR missions in total. The crime-fighting tasks will be created to offer a realistic 3D experience so that it brings Gotham and the supervillains into life. To this end, the game will draw upon immersive augmented reality designs and engineering. It will also feature stunning AR face filters so that the children can easily transform into Batman, Batgirl, Joker, and other iconic Gotham City characters as per their preference. They will also be able to capture their photos in these avatars and save them in the gallery to share with friends and family. Furthermore, the app will incorporate direct access to DCKid’s YouTube channel where kids can view stunning Bat-tech gadgets and other video content. It is also reported that a new series titled Batman Science Lab will be launched with this AR platform, which would explore real-world applications of Bat-technology.

The Batman Bat-Tech Edition app is available on both iOS and Android devices.


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