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VR Exercise App Uses Actual Dumbbells for Better Results

An effective virtual exercise option for fitness enthusiasts

Anyone now has the ability to completely submerge themselves in a variety of simulated workouts, all they need is the Litesport workout software for virtual reality headsets. The company that was formerly known as Liteboxer has expanded its online training system to include strength training in addition to boxing and exercises that work the entire body.

This cutting-edge gameplay mode offers a variety of challenging resistance activities by making use of a number of technological advancements, such as managed switches, hand monitoring, and MR technology, amongst others. For some of these exercises in muscular strength, users are required to work out with actual weights rather than motion devices. The application tracks every motion that a user makes while lifting in order to verify that they are doing so correctly.

According to Litesport, the Strength Training option does not come with any scoreboards or points of any kind. Users instead follow the instructions of a virtual instructor through a series of predetermined exercises that target sixteen key muscle groups. Users are able to zero in on particular muscle groups and keep track of their progress in training as time passes when using an interactive muscle chart.

In a press release, the company’s founder and chief executive officer, Jeff Morin, stated that the company is working towards the goal of making strengthening more accessible to everyone. People who have never done resistance training before are the target audience for his team’s Strength Training programme, which aims to introduce them to the fundamentals of the discipline.

According to Morin, whatever the case may be, parents may discover an exercise to aid in the building of their lower back in order to more simply pick up their child. The muscle map enables choosing a focus region straightforward, and also the monitoring and responsibility are expected to encourage people to return to it in order to experience the consequence, but as a byproduct of having a great time with the application and engaging over something they want to do.

The Meta Quest 2 and Quest Pro VR headgear each require a monthly subscription fee of $18.99 in order to use the Litesport application. For customers who are on the fence about purchasing a subscription just yet, the company provides a free trial period of one week to test out the service. In addition, users have the option to sign up in order to obtain a free subscription, which grants them access to a variety of features.

Morin also mentioned that during the course of the previous year, the application had been subjected to significant alterations. It had been six months since the company had first introduced full-body exercises with the release of Total Body, and it was immediately obvious that this custom-built, trainer-led approach was truly one of a kind. People are really excited about it, as it represents a significant point of differentiation for the team.

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