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VR being used in classrooms at Jackson public schools

The Jackson Public School District is introducing virtual reality (VR) into classrooms with the help of local business Lobaki.

One use of immersive technology is the use of virtual reality in the classroom. Moreover, it has been quite successful wherever it has been implemented. Jackson Public Schools in Mississippi is the most recent institution to implement it.

As of this year, students in the second-largest school system in Mississippi’s Magnolia State—which includes seven high schools, ten middle schools, 31 elementary schools, and four special programme schools—will have access to virtual reality (VR) technology in the classroom.

Presently, 80% of the students in Mississippi’s capital city attend Jackson Public Schools. The 19,000 pupils in the school district will soon have access to virtual reality in the classroom thanks to a collaboration with Lobaki, a local business that specialises in creating VR solutions for the educational sector.

The whole school system was fully outfitted with the required software and hardware as a consequence of this relationship. These will provide the students the opportunity to engage in immersive, practical learning in every subject, from biology to history.

Teachers are just as eager to utilise the cutting-edge equipment made accessible by the multiyear cooperation with Lobaki as pupils are. They have the chance to gain knowledge about remote learning options during the COVID-19 lockout.

The finest of the actual and virtual worlds may be combined in the classroom by using virtual reality.

In a news statement sent to ARPost, Jackson Public School District’s Executive Director of School Support Dr. Rajeeni Scott stated that the institution’s team has been excited by the idea of using VR tech in schools for some time. The objective behind that is to generate better educational experiences across the board.

According to Dr. Scott, they recognised it was time to apply such an approach in their classrooms since the COVID-19 epidemic presented an additional difficulty of learning loss.

The usage of virtual reality has spread beyond the domains of entertainment and the information technology business. It is increasingly prevalent in people’s everyday lives, from the most fundamental to the most complicated jobs. According to Lobaki, the usage of VR in the classroom indicates the technology’s enormous potential.

Amber Coeur, CEO of Lobaki, commented that one of the earliest and biggest school systems in Mississippi, Jackson Public School District, has adopted virtual reality, making it one of the most widespread adoptions of the technology in the United States.

With Lobaki’s VR headsets and immersive experiences, students will be able to interact with Civil Rights leaders or learn about the architecture of the smallest cells in the animal and vegetable worlds.

Lobaki is the ideal partner for this kind of long-term engagement with Jackson Public Schools since it is a regional company with roots in Mississippi.

According to Scott, support from installation to training is unparalleled since his organization are the only VR content developers in the state of Mississippi that is locally owned and controlled.

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