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Volvo Group Unveils AR Truck Safety Application

The software provides the emergency services team on the site with immediate, useful knowledge from the electric truck to direct their efforts in real-time and guarantee safe evacuation circumstances.

In order to better assist those responding to a crisis, Volvo Group recently became the very first truck maker to provide Augmented Reality (AR) protection software for electric vehicles. The software is designed to instantly and usefully notify the emergency response personnel coming to the spot from the electric truck, guiding them instantly and ensuring safe rescue circumstances.

Electric trucks will revolutionise the way people move and communicate with vehicles in general, not just in regards to rendering transit more environmentally friendly. The technology being used, in particular the high-voltage electrical systems that can power a large electric vehicle, is also altering the approach to responding to emergencies since it necessitates an entirely novel set of safety guidelines and procedures.

The safety software could give first responders a thorough image of the car through a mix of connections, sensors, three-dimensional modelling, camera, and AR graphics. It includes directions concerning how to properly cut off the EV’s electrical power in an emergency and also details about where high-voltage wiring, packs of batteries, and other important parts are located.

An experienced team from the Volvo Group’s research and development centres in Sweden, the US, and France, created the safety application. The mobile application also includes every one of the security documents pertaining to the electric automobile. These are made available to the application’s user after the truck is detected, in addition to AR data and 3D renderings.

AR Expert and Business Solution Engineer, Volvo Group, Vincent Barnoux, said that emergency personnel who employed the safety application in the real world have given it high marks after using it in a wide range of realistic circumstances.

According to Volvo Group’s Chief Technology Officer, Lars Stenqvist, the goal of the company’s group is to provide completely risk-free goods. He expressed that despite being in the driving seat of the electric truck movement with innovative options, Volvo Group is still keenly aware of the need to protect emergency personnel who may be sent in the event of an accident involving an EV.

The new augmented reality software is a useful tool that may help emergency workers clear the area faster and with less danger to personnel and bystanders.

The Volvo Group’s heavy electric truck businesses, comprising Volvo Trucks, Mack Trucks, and Renault Trucks, are supported by the new Emergency Response Guide application, which can be downloaded for free from the Google Play and Apple App Stores. Mack electric trucks will have AR capabilities in the near future.

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