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Viveport Announces BIRDIE WING— its First Original Anime on Women’s Golf

Viveport’s original anime BIRDIE WING is the very first anime to be released on the platform, and it is the first VR anime to feature women’s golf.


HTC’s Viveport has been a leading brand in VR headsets. Moreover, it has been one of the trailblazers in dabbling with innovative technologies and features in the field. Keeping up with the legacy, Viveport recently announced one more achievement in their repertoire—the first-ever original anime to be released on the VR platform.

BIRDIE WINGS—Golf Girls’ Story, the VR anime to be released on Viveport is unique in many aspects. Not just it is the first of its kind, but it is also the first anime to feature women’s golf created in association with Bandai Namco Pictures. The title listed Sunabouze (Desert Punk) and Inagaki Takauki, the producer of Ninja Box as the producers of BIRDIE WINGS. Kuroda Yosuke, the famed producer of My Hero Academy and Robo Fighter Steel Bullet 00 is reportedly serving as the script coordinator of the show.

Last week, Viveport and Bandai Namco Pictures released the first official trailer of BIRDIE WING to give its fans an exclusive sneak peek into the new experience. Joseph Lin, General Manager of Viveport said in the official press release that BIRDIE WING is going to be an important milestone in the Viverse strategy, helping to realise the desired form of Viveport’s upcoming metaverse. He also remarked that the coordination between Viveport and Viveport Infinity, the only subscription-based VR content platform in the world, will shape the Viverse as well as the company’s existing content ecosystem in the emerging metaverse era.

While this is a major step for Viveport to establish its place in the metaverse, BIRDIE WINGS marks Bandai Namco Pictures’ first step in the new era of next-generation internet experience. CEO and President of Bandai Namco Pictures (BNP) Ozaki Masayuki stated in the press release that the company has always been dedicated to original IP works. BIRDIE WINGS is the steppingstone in that direction. Masayuki said that BNP is looking forward to strengthening its collaboration with Viveport to offer its consumers across the globe an unmatched animation experience that goes well beyond 3D.

The collaboration yields significant hype and anticipation in the VR industry, for it could be a start to something more exciting. Through this collaboration, Viveport can now explore new revenue streams via diverse VR entertainment options created for both mobile and social VR platforms. However, the partnership does not only open novel opportunities for these two organisations, but also emphasizes the endless possibilities and potentials that could be created through virtual reality content collaborations. More VR tech companies are expected to join the race and collaborate with the numerous entertainment platforms to create unique VR experiences. Even for indie developers, this could soon become an opportunity to reach more audiences in near future.

Along with BIRDIE WINGS, HTC also announced that the company will soon release its exclusive NFT store featuring the works of the world-famous digital artists Alphonse Mucha.

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