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Vertiv Releases Immersive Product Exploration App for AR

Before buying and installing any equipment, consumers may see and experience it in a preferred place using the VertivTM XR app.

Data centre operators, IT managers, and channel partners can see Vertiv products in the spaces they typically fill in any specific building thanks to the industry’s first tool of its type, the VertivTM XR app. Vertiv is a leading international supplier of business continuity and critical IT infrastructure services. In order to better understand how the infrastructure will support their computation and affect the physical footprint, the virtual representation assists today’s data centre decision-makers by offering a practical tool to design their space and providing assistance after installation. The Google Play Store and the Apple App Store both sell the software.

The introduction of the Vertiv XR app represents a significant step forward in Vertiv’s extensive and ongoing digitization initiative, as the company maintains its commitment to the quality of the customer experience and increases the number of tools it makes available to its customers and channel partners. Vertiv’s Vertiv XR app is the first of its kind, bringing the same commercial-grade technologies used in home renovation projects to the world of data centres. The app was rated five stars by IT Channel and was dubbed “the greatest augmented reality app tested in 2022.” It also won the Computing 2022 Technology Product Awards in the Best Digital Transformation Product or Service – Enterprise category.

Vertiv’s vice president of information technology, Cristian Scarpa, said that the goal of his team’s Vertiv XR app is to make it easy to switch between online and offline experiences. He went on to say that the app allows the company’s partners and users to make better suggestions and purchase decisions, study product details, and imagine how new items will work with their current settings, all from the comfort of their hands.

With the use of augmented reality, the Vertiv XR app shows consumers a realistic representation of the product in their desired setting, whether it is a data centre, office, lobby, or even a home room, and walks them through the process of selecting and installing the product. Vertiv solutions may be seen and explored at the user’s convenience, and they can maintain their interest in the company far after the initial purchase and installation have been made by browsing related products and making it easier to share their experiences with others on social media.

Martin Coulthard, Vertiv’s SVP of Demand Generation Marketing, stated that no one in his company has ever seen this type of technology used in a data center, but it has been used for a variety of consumer applications, such as showing people how new cabinetry in their kitchens or alternate siding may appear on their homes. According to Coulthard, the goal now is to let users try out the gear in question so they can buy it from Vertiv with complete assurance.

Developing and upgrading digital assets that better serve customers and partners and connect with them on their terms is the main goal of the company’s extensive digitisation endeavour. The primary objective is to accentuate user interactions with Vertiv online, to make it simpler for users to locate what they need while using Vertiv XR or, and to assist Vertiv and its partners in having more meaningful, fruitful relationships with customers and partners. Check for additional details or to install the Vertiv XR application.

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