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Valeo showcases its latest immersive technology

The company demonstrates its technical advancements in the fields of solution acceleration and in-vehicle application development.

Beginning on April 12 and continuing through April 14, Valeo will make its first appearance at Laval Virtual. This talk will highlight the team’s most recent accomplishments in solution acceleration and mobile app development.

Both VR and AR have proven to be beneficial tools for automotive designers and planners. These reduce both the expenses and postponements associated with the creation cycle by making it easier to build, produce, and evaluate working models instantaneously. Nonetheless, owing to these technologies, the cabin itself may now be converted into an interactive and immersive entertainment zone. The availability of a variety of entertainment options, like games in virtual reality, three dimensional films, and AR conversations with loved ones, may transform operating an electric vehicle from a tedious chore into an exhilarating activity.

When it comes to the way that virtual and augmented realities are changing the automobile sector, Valeo is leading the way. These allow Valeo to collaborate with its clients more quickly on research and development and give commuters one-of-a-kind sensations when they’re behind the wheel. Valeo’s Chief Technical Officer and Vice President of Strategy, Geoffrey Bouquot, stated that the business is dedicated to developing services and goods that will significantly impact how consumers use movement.

The extended reality (XR) experience gives travelers the opportunity to enjoy an encounter that is not only interactive but also educational and intuitive. Users only need to put on a virtual reality headset to transport themselves to any destination. Interaction with these virtual worlds is made possible by the many sensors manufactured by Valeo that are installed inside the cabin of the car. The same can be said about the external sensors made by Valeo; they perform the same thing, integrating the real world outside the vehicle with the virtual worlds within for an experience that is smooth and calming.

With Panorama XR, drivers may instantly show their friends and family a 3D model of their vehicle, showing it as it appears in the surroundings captured by the car’s cameras. This model can be shown in whatever setting the driver chooses. The contact may be able to observe the terrain on their phone as the automobile moves across it, giving the impression that they are in charge of a virtual drone flying over the terrain.

Journey XR creates a simulation of a human presence outside of the vehicle. In the rearview mirror, a user may see a reflection of the person’s avatar. In the meanwhile, the faraway traveler is having a wonderful time thanks to the assistance of a virtual reality headgear and some controllers. In addition to its better remote-control driving safety features, the Valeo Journey XR offers a number of innovative in-car experiences that drivers and passengers alike may enjoy.

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